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I’m Batting Lead-off for the Cubs

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I figured I might as well.  The Cubs couldn’t do much worse, even with my stiff back, heavy legs, and pre-arthritic shoulders (but honestly, isn’t every joint pre-arthritic no matter how old you are, up until you get arthritis?).  Thirteen games into the season, and the Cubs have used three lead-off hitters.  Combined, they’re batting .250, have an OBP of .322, and have scored 4 runs.  If this sounds familiar to anybody who still reads this blog, it probably sounds a lot like last year when the Cubs never nailed down the top spot in the lineup.  It came back to haunt them in the playoffs when they couldn’t manufacture runs.  For comparison, former Cubs lead-off guru Dexter Fowler is riding .267/.365 averages and has scored 8 runs.  But Fowler wasn’t deemed important enough for the Cubs to resign after the 2016 season when they won the World Series.

Somebody please remind Jed Hoyer and Theo Epstein of the old baseball axiom that good pitching beats good hitting, and in a five- or seven-game series, the opposing team is going to figure you out.  It didn’t take long for the Dodgers to do that last year when they pelted the Cubs in the NLCS .  Chicago scored 5 runs in their four losses.  Thirteen games in this season, and the Cubs have scored 11 runs in their 7 losses (including 3 shutouts).  When the power hitting is getting smoked by power pitching, you gotta have guys who can get on and move over.  Failing that, the Cubs won’t go far.  It doesn’t look like anybody in the division is stacking up to beat them, so it seems that the playoffs are likely, but what good is that when somebody sitting in a Starbucks in downtown Libertyville, IL on a Friday afternoon and blogging about baseball knows how you can be beaten?

Figure this shit out, Cubs.  But no hurry.  You’ll get far enough into the season and still be in position to do something by my deadline:  July 15.  That’s the day of the World Cup championship match, in which I have France beating Germany for the title, and it will be over early enough for me to watch you guys square off against San Diego at PetCo Stadium.

See, this is where baseball is with me anymore, and it started two years ago.  The season is so long, and there are so many games, and I’ve been to and watched so many games in my life, that I’d rather pick it up in the thick of the playoff races.  Fortunately for the sports enthusiast side of me, there are major international soccer tournaments at least every two summers, and damned if their intensity and entertainment don’t captivate me more than the national pastime that is still finding its footing in the middle of each summer.

So play ball!  Play good ball and set your team up for October.  And for Pete’s sake, learn how to manufacture some runs.  But first, kick some balls and score some goals.

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April 13, 2018 at 7:49 pm

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