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Repost: The NRA Needs to STFU

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This was originally posted in the wake of the Newtown Massacre, but it as equally fitting now as it was five years ago.  The only thing I would change is the first two sentences to read “Let me be clear about this:  I am opposed to the NRA.  They are a terrorist organization.”

Let me be clear about this:  I’m not opposed to the NRA.  They serve an important purpose.  In light of their response to the Newtown Massacre, though, I’m thinking that they need to make serious changes in their leadership and stances on gun reform laws.  More immediately, though, I’m left wondering if they fulfilled the Christmas wishes of a certain someone by letting him decide the best course of action to deal with future school shootings.

The NRA promised meaningful contributions to help put an end to school shootings like the one in Newtown (and Columbine and Padukah and Virginia Tech and Northern Illinois…  might as well bring them all up at this point).  Instead, NRA president Wayne LaPierre implored Congress to appropriate whatever is necessary to put armed police officers in every school — and to do it now.  I would like more than anything to understand how such complete idiocy from one of the most powerful lobbies in Congress could be on full public display, and it seems to me the only logical explanation is that after LaPierre spoke and was exiting the area, he ducked into a bathroom and removed  a foam rubber mask only to reveal that it was Ted Nugent all along.

For those of you who aren’t fluent in Idiocy, I’ve worked out a translation of LaPierre’s offerings:  “Gun violence is inevitable.  Our children need to know that wherever they go and whatever they do for the rest of their lives, they and their children and their grandchildren can expect gun violence that we are powerless to stop.  An armed presence at every turn should be as much a part of their daily routine as a “Good morning” from the bus driver, the principal greeting them at the front door of the school, and the Pledge of Allegiance.  This seems the best and most logical solution, because Lord knows that the NRA isn’t going to move an inch on this issue, even if we are up to our necks in the blood of 20 kindergarten and first-grade children.”

Also, it was rather magnanimous of LaPierre to pledge all the NRA’s resources to create a model security program “for any school that wants it.”  I have no doubt that the collective brainpower within the organization will come up with something stunningly awesome that will help them make money bloody hand over bloody fist since ideally they would become a public education vendor not much different than an ACT prep company.

To make matters worse, now there are more dolts lobbying for teachers and other school employees to carry guns.  Some of them are pointing to tiny Harrold Independent School District in Harrold, Texas that armed their teachers a few years back as a means of added security.  I wrote about it herein–it was one of the first pieces I ever put up.  I’ll caution you about some of the logic that comes out of Texas, a lot of the logic that comes from school boards, and all the logic that comes from superintendents like David Thweatt, who continues to defend his district’s policy by citing that they haven’t had an incident of gun violence since they instituted the policy.  How many incidents did they have before the policy?

So thanks, NRA, for once again showing how inept and insensitive you are in the face of a national crisis.  You are at least consistent–you continue to show how batshit crazy you are.  Hopefully, this problem will take care of itself–your extreme politics will continue to push you to the margins of the national conscious until you more of a joke than an influence.  If you continue in your current incarnation, the sooner that happens the better.

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February 25, 2018 at 9:15 am

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