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Thirty 5Ks… #12 (“Superior”)

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When my chiropractor told me two weeks ago that my first ribs and both clavicles were “superior,” I thought she was complimenting me.  In fact, I felt pretty good about my adjustment up to that point.  But once she got into saying my sacrum was “base, posterior,” and a bunch of other stuff was inferior or rotated internally or externally, I got to thinking that maybe the chiropractic lexicon varied slightly from my own.  Turns out I was right.  Each click of her activator echoed in my ears and reverberated through my bones until the final realization sunk in:  My back was pretty screwed up.

Thank the powers that be for the wonder that is Chiropractic.  My usual adjustment and massage helped things, as did taking some time to rest.  Before I knew it, I was rolling out of bed last Saturday morning and trekking to Kenosha for race #12.  It was a reversal of habits or sorts; usually, I’m running away from Kenosha.  Three years of living there left a sour taste in my mouth for most things Wisconsin (the Milwaukee Brewers excepted, of course).  Still, it was a race for a good cause (veterans), and I still need to stack as many of these things up as I can before the end of the year.


I decided to start slow, which made a difference.  It was a cold morning, so cold starting was definitely in order.  But once I got going and felt good, I started to cruise.  The waters of Lake Michigan again lapped the shores right next to the course, and there were still plenty of golds and reds left in the trees that dotted the neighborhood south of the harbor to distract me from the fact that I was running in freakin’ Kenosha.  I ran through parts of two different courses I used to run when I lived in K-town (or, more aptly, “Kenowhere”), and I couldn’t help but think of my younger, more carefree days of running before chiropractic adjustments, yoga, custom orthotics, and protein shakes became as necessary as a pair of Asics and decent running shorts.

I surprised myself with a 26:41 finish, and was further surprised to see that I finished fourth in my age division.  My only thought was that the best runners must have run the 10K that took place at the same time.  Still, no medal.  No big deal.  And I have to hand it to Kenosha—the place is has come together nicely in the last twenty years.

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November 17, 2016 at 9:12 pm

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