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Thirty 5Ks… #9 (Another Medal!)

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I’ve lamented for some time now that the hardest age division in every race I run seems to be my age division.  Case in point:  I raced on a flat, fast course in Zion last Friday evening, one I’ve raced on at least a dozen times, felt like I ran real hard-assed the whole way, finished with a decent time (my second best of the year), and still only managed to bring home the 3rd-place medal in my age division.  Behold it in all its glory:


Hermes wants his shoe back.

Anyhow, I felt like I ran so hard and so well that I surely cracked twenty-five minutes.  Not so.  I came across at 25:54.  But I did manage to outlast a couple of twelve-year old kids who were out front of most runners as far as the second mile.  So I’ve got that to brag about.

I’ll take the medal.  They’re still few and far in between for me, so I still get a lot out of winning one.  I was happy with myself, too, for lacing up the Asics and running so well on a freakin’ Friday night after a full week of school.  That’s unheard of because I’m usually too tired.  But I’m trying to knock off thirty of these races, so sometimes tired needs to take a back seat to keep pushing towards the goal.  I’m holding out for a few more races these next few weeks while the yellows and reds are coming out on the trees, the air is crisp, and I’m not yet exhausted from the rigors of the school year.

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October 20, 2016 at 8:29 pm

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  1. hey jeff – good to hear from you. i’ve a very dear and best friend who runs maybe five or ten miles a day. i walk maybe five or ten minutes a day. she visited her mom in kansas and ran a race and there weren’t many in her age group (she’s 54 or so) and came in third. totally bummed as next year she’s going to run her ass off as she wants what i’m told is a fairly big trophy. i don’t know that she was in town for the zion race. i hit 70 come the late spring. and out of zion for now ten years. still in touch with the womie on occasion. i’ve a new jeep cherokee as i wrecked mine when the accelerated stuck and i flew across allanson out of my driveway. luckily i wasn’t hit by anyone as i would have been grilled by a west bound car heading toward 45 on my side of the car or more importantly hit anyone. walked away with only major bruises. but moby was thought to be fixed and then announced totaled. only 10 years old. so a major adjustment to a new vehicle. the school year continues. new kids. graduated kids. knew that drill for nearly 40 years. happy running and stay well. best wishes and peace. h

    October 22, 2016 at 12:55 pm

  2. […] too, and unknowingly provided me with a rabbit to chase.  So I guess I’m hell at beating the 12-year old and 57-year old age divisions, just not my […]

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