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Thirty 5Ks… #7 (It was a BIG day!)

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I rolled into Home Depot yesterday morning about 9:45 and picked up the Weber grill I bought Friday but needed the girlfriend’s SUV to pick up.  The salmon and chicken were already thawing on the counter in the kitchen, and the potatoes only needed to be wrapped.  It wasn’t long until I was at Bed, Bath & Beyond to pick up some new bath towels and a garbage can.  I ran into a few neighbors on the way back and boasted of my new disposal system.  But I’m not some smug jerk who brags about something like that and lords it over my neighbofrom their new ownerrs or shows up to condo association meetings to talk about my new garbage can, so I encouraged them to stop by if they have something to throw away and want to try it out.  I cautioned the girlfriend about the new bath towels.  I knew I’d be at yoga when she rolled out of bed this morning, and she’d most likely have showered by the time I got back.  As such, I asked her to keep quiet about the new linens, no matter how great or disappointing they might be.  “I like to go in clear when it comes to new towels,” I told her.  “So don’t spoil anything for me.  I want to trust my basic instincts and first reaction.”  I figured the towels deserved that in their new home and from their new owner.  I was practically bursting at the seams throughout the afternoon with all the excitement from my new purchases.  I got the grill put together and chilled out with a late-afternoon slow roast on the new apparatus.  It was a good day, mostly.


“It was a banner fucking year at the Bender family…”

I also ran a 5K at Independence Grove yesterday morning.  Felt like shit.  Couldn’t catch my breath.  Came across in 26:50.  This is thirty years of running slow and still somehow thinking I can get faster.  When will running be enough without worrying about time?  Probably after my next injury.  Maybe I need to approach this like the Poem-a-Day Challenge and just get caught up in the grind of it and not worry about much else.  I’ll think about it over the next few weeks, until I race again.  Until then…  my back is tired.  My IT bands are tight.



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September 18, 2016 at 12:22 pm

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