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Thirty 5Ks… #2 and 3 (plus “Ambivalent Yogi”)

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I guess this was bound to happen once I set the goal of cramming in a bunch of 5K races:  I’d run into a few duds that were hardly worth the time or poorly managed.  I didn’t think it would happen in back-to-back races on the same weekend, but it did.  I guess it’s good to get the clunkers out of the way from the get-go so maybe it won’t happen later on.

I showed up to Independence Grove Saturday morning to run a race sponsored by the Urban Muslim Minority Alliance.  It was supposedly their second annual.  I was the first to arrive, and that included the people who were supposed to run the race.  Nothing was set up–no course, no refreshments, nothing–and the person at the gate didn’t even know where the race was supposed to be.  I finally found some people who appeared to be very young to be organizing a race, and they told me they were pushing the race back to “11 o’clock or noon,” depending on who shows up.  Hadn’t I gotten the email or seen the Facebook page saying that they were delaying since the weather was bad?  Well no, I hadn’t.  Besides, there was no email.  It was already 9:45, which is far too late to start a race in the summer anyhow.  I decided to hell with it and went for a run, a crappy one at that, and went home.  I’m still counting this as one of my 30, though.

I showed up to Indepedence Grove again this morning for A Walk to Remember, which in addition to being a walk one might keep in one’s mind, is also a 5K.  They didn’t have the registration sorted out, and the bathroom situation was a disaster because some dude was sitting on the only toilet for a looooong time texting or whatever.  I hoped it was more “texting” than “whatever.”  Still, I was primed to run despite having run Saturday (I almost never run two days in a row…  too old…  too heavy…).  It was beautiful running weather—overcast and cool.  I got off to a great start and felt I was running my best race of the summer.  It helped that Independence Grove is pretty much my home course, as I’ve discussed before.  I came across the finish line after holding a few dudes off for the last half mile, and my time was a disaster despite feeling like I was really hauling ass.  My guess was that the course was longer than 3.1 miles.  I’d say it was 3.3 or 3.4.  And I just now checked the results online and saw my time listed was 20 seconds slower than what I registered when I finished.  So it seems like this thing was wonky pretty much all around, which is too bad.

So I got tangled up in a few crappy races that were poorly run.  All you can do it keep running.  I’m on pace to meet my quest thus far, so that’s a good thing.  But my back is tired.  Get used to hearing that.  And I’ve got a strange, dull pain on the top of my left foot.  Probably tendinitis.  I’m about due for new running shoes, so maybe they’ll help.  Most of all, I need yoga.  If I don’t get it, my skeleton is going to jump out of my skin and go find a more caring and compassionate body to inhabit.  I can’t blame it.  So it’s yoga tomorrow after school lets out.  But yoga?  Yeah.  For a few years now.  It’s keeping me going.  That’s not to say I like it much, which inspired a poem I crafted during the Poem-a-Day Challenge last year.

Ambivalent Yogi

It doesn’t look like I love you, not with how
instead of cherishing our time together I count
the minutes until I can get the hell out of class.
I’m not conveying love when I grumble about
spending weekend mornings on the mat
instead of sleeping in or making an omelet.

I don’t give you proper due for how my shoulder
hinges likes it’s been oiled and rotates without
a hitch.  You exorcised plantar fasciitis from
my feet with your “downward facing dog,”
or whatever it’s called.  There are days
I’m lucky to be walking upright, right?

Do I have to proclaim it?  Of course it’s because
of you, despite not packing much action or
making sweat fly or challenging me to best
my best time—because you reject my norms!
I’ll never say “I love you,” but you might think
you see it in how I flow through your forms.



Written by seeker70

August 21, 2016 at 10:18 pm

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