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Maybe This Isn’t Funny After All

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Since I’ve been in the mood this last week to put things up on The Seeker that I haven’t been able to publish, I figured I’d give this poem some exposure.  The writing of it was a long time coming.  I registered the episode on which it is based as nothing more than an absurd occurrence from my life stemming from me perhaps being too glad to offer some help in a teaching circumstance.  It’s always made for a funny story, but I never saw it as a poem until two years ago when I was alluding to the episode with a bunch of seniors in my Public Speaking class.  Something clicked in my mind, and pretty soon I was casting the whole thing into this poem.

I work shopped it first thing when I was out in Iowa two years ago, and was taken aback at how freakin’ serious everybody took it.  It’s supposed to be funny; at least as funny as my brother found the story when I first told it to him 9 years ago, and he couldn’t stop laughing.  I was hoping it would be funnier still that I used something as “elevated” and “sublime” as poetry to communicate an uncomfortable, intrusive circumstance—I figured I’d have a a great juxtaposition, if nothing else.

Still, maybe this isn’t as funny as I think it is.  About fifteen publications seemed to think it’s either not funny or not very well written.  What do those bastards know, anyhow?!?!  The local public library must not have liked it, either, since it didn’t get any recognition in their recent creative writing contest.  What mystified me the most about this one, though, was that it was also rejected by a publication that was specifically calling for submissions “…by a man, about something that happened to him, that by and large could only have happened to a man, and that shows women Who Men Are.”  The editors took a lot of shit for their stance, so maybe it’s better that this one didn’t appear in it.


Double Entendre
You, the doctor, and his intern
are all in the exam room.
The intern is young.  Blonde.
Her eager eyes sparkle
as she hovers beside him.

“Do you mind if she’s in here for this?”
the doctor asks.  “She’s got
several requirements
I don’t want her to miss.”

The intern clutches a clipboard.
You imagine a neatly typed checklist.
This next task looms at the bottom
next to a barren, untouched little box.

It’s cool with you.  The doctor probes
and talks his way through several
tender angles and steps aside.  The intern
reaches for a glove, and you realize too late
that the ‘here’ she’s going to be ‘in’
is much more than the exam room.

~Jeff Burd

Written by seeker70

April 22, 2016 at 7:00 am

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  1. I feel for you Burd! Umm, not literally, but still, don’t take these rejections lying down or bending over.

    Joel David Hutson

    April 22, 2016 at 9:25 am

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