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Abandoned Poems pt.4

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The Poem-a-Day prompt last November 27 was “Write an appreciative poem.”  No surprise that I wrote about running—it’s one of the first things to jump in my head each time I handle a prompt.  I didn’t feel like fighting it this time, so I let it flow and decided to deal later with whatever came out.  It was a Thursday, which is a typical workout day for me.  Most likely, I had been out for a run that morning, had read the prompt ahead of time, and was writing it throughout my morning workout routine.

This one never made it out of prose form.

You appreciate the great mystery of your legs.  You don’t know how the bones and muscles and sinews are all patched together.  You have no idea what architects laid the highways of nerves and vessels; you don’t know of the cloverleafs and interchanges or ow they are negotiated.  You only know that they were built to last.  And you thank evolution each time the gun cracks and you’re off, still in the race after all these years, still on your legs, still holding off the day when the highway is closed to everything but the traffic of nostalgia.


Written by seeker70

November 16, 2015 at 7:25 pm

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