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Abandoned Poems pt.2

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The prompt last November 8 was “Write a blind poem.”  If there was one thing I learned early on during my first attempt at the PAD Challenge, it was to trust my first instinct.  That first instinct was “Stevie Wonder.”  My drafting and revising process was pretty furious that day as I kept coming back to the notion of using Stevie Wonder in a poem.  When I looked back at my journal from last year, I found seven versions of the poem before I got around to typing it.  There’s heavy wordplay in this one, especially double entendre; it’s a guilty pleasure of mine that probably keeps my poetry from reaching another level.  Still, I had fun.  I ended up going someplace naughty, and it was fun getting there.

In Concert
He muses late this morning
that keyboards wail under
Stevie Wonder’s nimble
fingers, each making the right
move at the right moment
despite never seeing where
they’re going—and wow!

He thinks he can play you
the same way, so you make
your pajamas into a blindfold
and lead him by the hand
to the execution.

Written by seeker70

November 8, 2015 at 11:11 pm

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