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The Veteran

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Yesterday’s post about longevity and mortality brought to mind a poem I wrote last summer when I was in Iowa.  I may have mentioned the trip herein.

I filtered my thoughts through baseball, which is almost reflexive at many points in my daily existence.  I was pleased with the results, though I haven’t done anything more with it than publish right here, right now.  Jack Ridl inspired me.

The Veteran by Jeff Burd

We’re down a few
there’s one out
my line is  K and ʞ
but skipper thinks I’m still OK
now the ancient ritual:
restrap my gloves, twist my fists
feel heat on the handle
my plant foot practically in mud
and patience patience patience now
my sole remaining gift
the first pitch a strike
the second a ball
know your zone, know your role
third pitch is the high heat
damn these eyes, damn you meat
fourth one a foul down the line
fifth another straight behind
sixth is number two’s twin
good eye!  good eye!
are you sure about that?
seventh:  the mistake
big as a grapefruit the rookies ride
to second or third
a croak of the bat
a bloop over six’s head
I take a pro forma lead; no sign
run hard on contact
play it straight; play it smart
Brains win this game ninety percent of the time
skipper preached or I argued
a BB pushes me to second
a deep can of corn gives me third
someone else sacrificing for a change
one last fling
now my lead is leverage
a PB or WP and I’m diving
headlong into the dish
a hit is the safest bet
but I’ll take what I can get
this late in the game

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July 1, 2015 at 12:01 am

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