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100 Words on Opening Day

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I subscribe to “The Time is Now,” a service through Poets & Writers that delivers a set of prompts to my inbox each Thursday; one prompt for poetry, another for fiction, and a third for creative nonfiction.  The prompts have been underwhelming for the most part, but it hasn’t hurt to look at them and print them off for my students.  A few have caught my attention; in particular, a creative nonfiction prompt from a few weeks ago:  Write 100 words on a subject that’s been on your mind lately.  The catch was that it had to be exactly 100 words.  Baseball has been on my mind ever since pitchers and catchers reported, so I gave it a rip.  In the least, it helped me create the year’s first blog post on baseball.

What day will you get away to the yard and settle in with a beer and a scorecard?  It won’t be soon enough.  The smell of grass won’t be thick enough in the air.  The snap of 95 MPH cheese in the catcher’s mitt won’t be crisp enough.  The crack of hardwood on horsehide won’t echo across the park just right.  The 6-4-3 won’t be acrobatic enough; the take-out slide won’t be hard enough.  Nine innings just won’t do for that day peaking over the horizon just now.  You’ll have to return again and again until you don’t know when.



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April 3, 2015 at 3:01 pm

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