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Super Sunday Blizzard (Herb is back!)

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It turns out I wasn’t the only one inspired by the blizzard last Sunday.  Something about the 5th-largest snowfall in Chicagoland history also struck a cord with Herb.  You remember Herb, right?  He’s a long-time follower and sometimes contributor to The Seeker.  He’s been making a lot of poetry in the past year, and passed this piece along.  I thought it was a good thematic companion to “Lake Shore Drive, February 1” and asked him if I could put it up here.  He was cool with that.

So here ’tis.  Enjoy.

Super Sunday Blizzard by Herb Ramlose

This blizzard today
is gorgeous
and dangerous

Seductive and enticing
beautiful and sensuous

Like a woman whom
one cannot resist

But nonetheless we must avoid
‘cause she touches just to burn
but not to satisfy

A beauty exists in her enigmatic countenance
a haunting in her illusive allure
a fascination in her mesmerizing manner

Much like a Siren
to which we are drawn
but to which we cannot avoid
try as we may

The danger drags us closer and closer
to disaster
and yet we cannot care not

As there is a luxury of exquisiteness
in that allure

A treasure sought but not to be discovered
yet something keeps us searching and hoping
that like the blizzard
We will be overwhelmed
in the ecstasy
of the moment of revelation

Consumed by the luxury
wallowed in the moment
of the unimaginable beauty and power

Uniqueness and grace
and special phenomenon
before us



Written by seeker70

February 8, 2015 at 1:03 pm

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