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The Crack of the Bat… The Roar of the Crowd…

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Baseball is back today.  Thank God.  Maybe the flurry of swinging bats will beat back the cold fronts that have been sticking to us like duct tape.  I felt warmer by the mere act of turning a ballgame on the radio as I drove home from school this afternoon.

I don’t have many blockbuster predictions for the season.  My predictions never tend to be of the blockbuster type anyhow.  But what I’m thinking is the Detroit Tigers and Los Angeles Dodgers will be facing off at the end of October.  Here’s why:  The Dodgers have pretty much become the West Coast Yankees.  They’ve shelled out a lot of money to buy a solid team that should go a long ways into the playoffs.  They have the pitching and the bats to get it done.  But the also have a heated rivalry with Arizona, their all-time rival San Francisco isn’t going anywhere, and San Diego is hungry.  That should make for a contentious division, perhaps enough so to rival the American League East.  As for the Tigers, they’re going to do it with powerhouse pitching.  Their new manager will install his on-base game instead of relying on the power hitting that failed them the last two seasons.  But they will have timely power hitting.  Defense will back this all up.  It won’t be easy come October, but they can do it.  I like that Miguel Cabrera is back at first base and Victor Martinez is the designated pinch hitter in the fourth spot in the lineup.  In fact, he’s already hit a home run this season.  What’s more, the new skipper is working on a third base pick-off move.  I have to give him credit for inventiveness.  It reminds me of another well-known manager.

But who knows what is going to happen?  Nobody.  That’s why they play the game.  The only prediction I can make with any certainty is that I will watch a lot of Tiger, Brewer, and Oriole games, keep some good scorecards, and find a way to get to more than my share of games this summer.  And speaking of the other teams I follow, I’d be darn happy to see Milwaukee and Baltimore make it to the post-season.  Realistically, they’ll be wild-card teams.

Ah, baseball.  Has it really been five months?

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March 31, 2014 at 8:31 pm

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  1. Not bad picks in my opinion. I had LA Dodgers over Boston Sox, and I’ve been pretty accurate with my other preseason sports picks as of late:
    – Predicted Heat over Thunder in 2011-2012 (spot on)
    – Predicted Heat over Grizzlies in 2012-2013 (it was the Spurs, not the Grizzlies)
    – Predicted Seahawks over Broncos in 2013-2014 (spot on)

    Here’s to hoping I’m looking silly in October.

    Stranger Danger

    April 4, 2014 at 4:42 pm

  2. […] like a buzz saw, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to capitulate on my predictions.  I said Dodgers v Tigers come October, and I’m going to hold out for that.  Brewers v Orioles would be cool, too, but I’m […]

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