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Three Poems About Winter (#3)

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Here’s the final installation in this mini serial.  I’ve been wanting to write an imagist poem for some time now, because I envy what William Carlos Williams does and want to do it myself.  A colleague dropped an imagist poem on my desk a few weeks back–something she literally scratched out on the way to work based on something she saw during her drive.  That got me thinking about this all the more.  Truthfully, I was jealous.  I know there are images in my daily life that are ripe with deeper meanings if only I take the time to sit down with  pen and paper and mine them.  Finally, this came to me two weeks ago when we were let out of school early because of…  of course…  the horrible winter weather.  I spent some quality time that night crafting this, and am pleased with the results.  I think I’ll try to do more of these.  If nothing else, they are an excellent exercise in concision.

And I borrowed that semi-colon from Ezra Pound.

Faculty Lot, January by Jeff Burd

Wipers pulled away from windshields,
the blades tilting and tottering in the wind;
a chorus of arms waving us away,
warning us:  Danger.  Go home.

Written by seeker70

March 2, 2014 at 9:27 pm

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  1. […] His thoughts struck a cord with me, and I flipped to a writing app on my notebook to write a few lines about how pale my skin gets in the winter, and how I feel like I wash out given that I’m bald, too, and why now I’ve decided to regrow my goatee so I have at least some facial features.  My warm-up set was to do a few lines about my immediate setting, including some notes about the nasty weather we are getting just now.  I never made it past the warm-up, and was having so much fun that I spent the next half hour shaping this poem.  It makes a good companion piece to last year’s entry, Faculty Lot, January. […]

  2. […] Oddly, this is the second poem I’ve written that has taken the faculty parking lot as inspiration.  Here’s the other one from two years ago:  Faculty Lot, January. […]

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