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Ghosts of Valentine’s Past, pt.3

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Strangely, only one page before the bad romance passages from my old journal that I shared the last two days, I found the final drafts of an actual love poem I wrote.  It’s legit–I was actually dating someone at that time, and had written her a poem.  Love poetry is not something I ever really do (I practically crucify my students for it), but this one ain’t bad.  Looking back, I surprised myself with what I came up with considering that I was a neophyte poet.  My journal shows that I drafted it for a week back then.  I’ve retouched it a little bit here.  Happy Valentine’s Day! ~Jeff

A Brief Meditation on Time by Jeff Burd

How long until the future?
Not the speculative future
you see in movies
with spaceships and robots,
but rather
the near-certain future
when we will lie together
after midnight wondering
how on Earth
the stars could align
to make the future
greater than the present.

Written by seeker70

February 14, 2014 at 8:07 am

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