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Third Wednesday Likes Me!

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The Fall, 2013 edition of Third Wednesday arrived in the mail last week.  That may not be cause enough for celebration in some parts, but here in the luxurious 2nd-floor office suite of The Seeker, champagne corks are popping.  In the least, I just filled a plastic tumbler with water and am going to drink it before I go work out.

Jump back two months, and you’ll see me submitting some poems to a few publications.  That’s not news, but what followed a few weeks later is.  I found some reply emails in my inbox from the publications under consideration.  The first one was from Midwest Gothic.  They had declared their interest in poems and short prose pieces that in any way dealt with Midwestern themes.  I happened to have a poem about a deer that did just that, and that had been in mothballs ever since I wrote it.  They said they liked it, but weren’t going to publish it.  I clicked the “delete” button and moved on.  The very next email was from Third Wednesday, a publication put together by a collective of poets in Ann Arbor, Michigan.  They, too, liked the deer poem and said they would publish it if I would give it a title.

That was great news, kinda.  At the time I was drafting the poem, I intentionally left it untitled.   I had recently been in the company of a professional poet and poetry professor who said his big push of late was to NOT title his poems.  Seemed like a cool idea to me–why not put it on the reader to construct that meaning, instead of me pressing something on him?  Plus, not having a title felt liberating.  It freed me up to focus on the moment I was developing in the poem.  And I thought I’m just good enough to get away with this!  Turns out I wasn’t and I’m not.  Third Wednesday wanted a title, and I was more interested in being published than I was in making a statement, so I brainstormed a title and came up with something I rather liked and that solidly establishes the antecedent scenario for the poem–which it turns out is pretty damn important when it comes to writing a legitimate poem.  And then I realized that I should have had a title all along, that what was good for Mr. Poet wasn’t necessarily good for me.  Plus, by conceding that my work needed a title, I’ve taken a nice step towards bringing my poetry to legitimacy via publication.  So what was once untitled is now known as “The Nature of the Beast,” and has found a home.



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December 30, 2013 at 4:50 pm

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