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First, the fact that I can even start a blog with this title makes me very happy.  It shows that I’m making some nice progress with my writing–in fact, I am, and I would love to tell you all about it.

I’ve been sitting on this news for about a year, ever since the faculty advisor of Mount Hope literary magazine first contacted me to ask me if my story “Public Education” was still available for publication.  Hell yes it was!  We worked on a few tweaks over the course of last winter and here this fall, and now the story is up online.  You can read it here:  Mount Hope.  I haven’t yet received my print copies, and can’t wait until I do.  The magazine looks pretty damn sharp, and I’m proud to have my writing in it.

This story started, as a good deal of writing does, with an agitation.  In particular, I was on the short end of my patience with teachers in a district with which I’m familiar being addressed about the failure rates in certain classes by people who might as well have had they’re hands firmly planted over their ears as they repeated ad infinitum, “What?  Say it again?  Attendance?  Discipline problems?  Chronic failures?  Deadbeat parents?  WHAT?  All I’m curious about is why so many students are failing–not all that other stuff… .”

I was in the Fictive Dream writing workshop at the time, so for eight weeks I was consistently cranking my writing gears.  I was also trying out some brand new practices like the seed journal, which I’ve written about twice herein.  I caught a stray bit of conversation coming into school one day, and that triggered the whole story–I stumbled upon the perfect vehicle for my unhappiness.  That unhappiness fueled me throughout the writing process.  I worked diligently for a few months, seasoned the story with a another episode from the seed journal that I picked up around campus, and ended up with something I was pretty happy with.  It’s also the most politically and socially charged piece of fiction I’ve written.  Perhaps the most important thing I learned was how fiction writers make use of certain tools in the writer’s toolbox to create political and social commentary.

So the story is out there, and I’m pretty happy.  I have some feelers out elsewhere with this same story, and will gladly tell you if it’s going to live more lives in other publications.

As for those excerpts from the seed journal, these are the ones that helped make the story:

Feb 21, 2012:  I walk into school and immediately hear an announcement:  “Will _________ Zickovich please report to the dean’s office?”  The announcement repeats her name:  _________ Zickovich.  Somewhere behind me, without missing a beat, a student deadpans a la Chapelle’s Show:  Is __________ gonna hafta chokabitch?

March 9, 2012:  Carmen’s mother has a brain tumor.  Each time she goes to Honduras for treatment, Carmen has to fill in for her at her job as a janitor, or else her mother will lose that position.


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October 30, 2013 at 9:04 pm

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  1. Short & to the point. Should be required reading for administrators; repeat as necessary until it sinks in. Keep up the good work!

    Joel David Hutson

    November 4, 2013 at 7:40 am

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