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The Last Class pt.2: “Some of my Professors…”

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…continued from yesterday:

My most recent professor was not one on whom the fundamentals of pedagogy were lost.  He was decent all around, especially considering he was teaching a brand-new class.  He has some wrinkles to iron out for the next time, but this time was fine.

Unfortunately, we had a special guest in class at the start of the week who fell into the “clueless” column regarding mastery of pedagogy.  Said guest is a professor at the university, and is acclaimed by other faculty members as a great teacher and a great guest to have in class.  That wasn’t the impression I got, and since this was a writing class and these thoughts about the gaps in graduate-level pedagogy have been circulating in my mind for a few weeks, I was inspired to write a poem to express certain degrees of my disillusionment over the past few years.

Some of My Professors Had to be Thinking

We wing it, we
Wizards of Words.  We
poo-poo pedagogy:
Who needs it?
Our fragrances are
far the more favorable.
The genius that is
we–aren’t you like
this too??–
wins hearts
and minds as we
fling you far to
wordy forays,
you flipping words every
which way and
frying synapses
draft after draft.

You wing it, you
wizards of words,
and I wonder
at what I learned.

Written by seeker70

July 26, 2013 at 1:11 pm

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