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It’s a Winner! revisited

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Faithful Readers and Others:

I wrote recently about winning The New Yorker’s cartoon caption contest.  Therein, I spoke of some of the quirks of the contest–mostly about the contestants who are hellbent on winning the thing and some philosophies they have been developed in their pursuit.  There seems to be some cultural cachet attached to the contest since winners are contributing to the unique and respected brand of humor The New Yorker espouses.  Some independent filmmakers have found The New Yorker brand of humor intriguing enough as a cultural phenomenon to make it the basis of a documentary.  I was contacted by them earlier this week in an attempt to politely bring my attention to the existence of the film, but probably to also ask for any kind of financial support without really asking for financial support.  Turns out they have a drive going on Kickstarter, and they still have a week to meet their goal.  I told them I’d promote their cause here since I had already written about my involvement with The New Yorker and the contest and could easily post a follow-up.

So check out their campaign, and take in what I thought to be a pretty darn good (and long!) trailer for their documentary.  Also, if you scroll down you can read about the filmmakers inspiration for their work.  I can only hope that the caption contest is part of the piece in some way since that was where their whole idea started. 

Very Semi-Serious Kickstarter Campaign

~ Jeff

P.S.  If you want some further insights into the caption contest and its winners, check out Amazon.  This link is for but one in what is a looooong series of books about the cartoons and the contest.  I’ll keep my fingers crossed that they keep cranking them out in the next few years and my six words will some day be included.

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June 21, 2013 at 10:19 am

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