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Where Was W?

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The presidential election kept me up Tuesday night in a manner similar to how the baseball playoffs routinely do.  I turned on CNBC the minute I got home from school and kept it on until there was a decision.  Things started a little shakily for Obama, so there was some suspense until he finally pulled through.  I was relieved to see him reach the necessary 270 electoral votes, which seemed to happen rather quickly once the East Coast states were finished reporting and things shifted solidly into the Midwest; I was just about as happy to see Obama win the popular vote.  I had my doubts given Romney’s strong showing and the weight of the Presidential debates.

Throughout this whole process over the past year, I couldn’t quite figure out where George W. Bush was.  If it was such a good idea to pull for the Republicans and embrace all that Romney was proposing (which, as we were reminded, bore a strong resemblance to what W did), then why wasn’t the face of the most recent Republican president part of the Romney campaign?  The Democrats didn’t shy away from jumping into the way-back machine and bringing in Bill Clinton once things were smoothed over between him and Barack Obama, but I guess you have the luxury of doing that when your previous Commander in Chief was wildly popular and the nation thrived under his leadership.

In the end, the absence of W over the last year reminded of an important and hard-to-learn lesson about life:  A lot can be said by what is not said at all.  W’s face wasn’t part of the Republican campaign.  His voice wasn’t used to endorse anything.  His Secretary of State jumped party lines to back Obama.  It felt for the most part like the Republicans pretended W doesn’t exist and was never really president.  If they have so much to hide from the party’s past, what else are they hiding in the present and for the future?  If I’m asking those questions (even thought I know the answers to them, for the most part), why should I cast my vote for their candidate?

Thankfully, I wasn’t up too late Tuesday night.  When I made it to bed, I rested well.

I have a feeling that the Democrats will succeed again in 2016 with Hillary Clinton.  She has the experience and savvy to lead the nation, and can sway women’s votes for her party in a way female candidates haven’t been able to in the past.  There is baggage that will accompany a decision to put her at the front of the Democratic party and in the Oval Office, but the Dems will have to decide if her tremendous upside is worth the baggage and its consequences.

P.S.  Views of last spring’s post about Ted Nugent’s anti-Obama rant went through the roof in the past week–139 hits!  Thanks, Uncle Ted.


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November 11, 2012 at 10:53 pm

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  1. If you would look back in history, you would note that up until Clinton, other presidents have stepped aside and kept a low profile for any other candidate. Figuring they had their time and did not cause problems or disrespect for the office. Not in Clinton’s case. One of which may be summed up as a continual effort to get his wife elected as president. You were not far off in your hypothesis that she would be a front runner in the next election. Clinton’s have made it known that is the direction they will pursue as they have with the previous election of Obama. They resisted to support him until a “deal” was made.
    What the real gaul here is the democrats continued embroiled mess with the media as they are “stars” or on some level of royalty. There is no respect in degrading the office of president, going on talk shows not to discuss serious issues but to be a “star”. There needs to be (in my opinion) a seriousness of this office and the running of the government. We will see how much of a star your elected official is when thing fall apart even more, as we are seeing with the disgrace of the CIA Director as well as the high level of layoffs happening as we read. On top of that key personnel jumping ship so to speak, although this is the norm for party politics.
    I only hope we can weather the constant loss of revenues and cut of jobs due to misplaced policies on both parties. Neither one seems to be willing nor able to guide us.

    Sent from my Verizon Wireless BlackBerry, while people stared and muttered about why I had to be using my phone right this minute..

    Mike Burd

    November 13, 2012 at 4:39 pm

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