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Happy Birthday.  As I recall and have passed down before herein, it was on this day in 2008 that I claimed a place on BlogSpot to kick off The Seeker, all while sitting in my friend’s basement in Nashville, TN. That was 256 posts ago.

Most is well here at the editorial suite of The Seeker (and by “editorial suite” I mean the spare bedroom of my condo on the west side of Gurnee, IL, complete with laptop, desk, dry-erase board, and the leftover furniture from my past 3 apartments).  I say “most is well” instead of “all is well” because a quick rundown of blog stats over the past year tells me that there has been a sea change in blog content.  Once I got things rolling and it found an identity, which took about 4 months, I decided that The Seeker would be a metacognitive journal about writing.  It was helpful at the time–The Seeker took on that voice because I was writing my thesis to graduate from the Northwestern University writing program and happened to be doing a lot of thinking about writing, and I knew that for at least the next 9 months, I would at least have something to write about.  But lately, the blog has become more about baseball.  Small surprise there for those of you who know me…  I wrote about baseball 14 times in the past year, while I wrote about writing 11 times.  A small crisis, but one worth noting since I bill this as “a metacognitive journal about writing…  plus other stuff.”  It just so happens that the other stuff is usually baseball.

Something else significant happened this year on The Seeker:  I wrote more about my job as a teacher than I ever have before.  I hemmed and hawed about that for a couple of years and settled on not writing about teaching much at all since I already spend so much energy in the act.  But life drops things in your lap sometimes, and something like going on strike last January is bound to give any decent writer something to write about.  All in all, I posted 8 entries about teaching in the last year, and most of them were about the strike.

New records were also set on the The Seeker this year.  On June 23, a new single-day record for views was set at 57.  The previous record had been 56 on August 17, 2010, which happened to be the day a private investigator went apeshit over a post in which he was featured (BTW…  that content is still available if you contact me!).  I was happy to see the old record for views in a single day buried in the same way I’m happy to see old trash buried.  Three months ago, I posted my rant against Marvel’s The Avengers.  I think it is going to be the most-viewed piece ever on The Seeker.  It’s currently outpacing the post which had previously held the record for most views, which was a rumination a year and a half ago about being the proud owner of a Cade McNown jersey.  The calendar year stats posted by WordPress at the end of December will probably bear this out, but in the meantime, each time I check stats on my dashboard, there have been 10-15 views of the Avengers post.

Like I said, this is entry 256 on these pages.  That works out roughly to an entry every 5-6 days, which is about the same as it was last year.  I guess I’m comfortable with that pace.  Some other numbers of note:

–  The Seeker has hosted 7 different guest bloggers, including one who has gone on to publish a book that includes original content first seen on The Seeker

–  The Seeker has been viewed over 6,500 times since it moved to WordPress in the spring of 2010

–  23 people follow The Seeker

–  144 comments have been posted in response to posts on The Seeker

So what does The Seeker look like in its 5th year?  I can never say for certain because it depends on what I’m writing outside of the blog and what interesting and unexpected events are happening in my life.  Film is a frequent topic of discussion herein (8 posts last year), and I know with a new James Bond film coming out soon that I’ll be writing about that.  I have a couple of rejected pieces of writing that I’ll be posting pretty soon (next, actually).  Beyond that, who knows?

It’s been a good year on The Seeker–good enough at least for me to keep writing.  I owe a debt of gratitude to all you readers, too.  I can’t ever seem to say it enough:  You have no idea how much you inspire me to write.  Thank you, and stay tuned.


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August 11, 2012 at 12:01 am

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