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New Scriptor: The New Generation

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This year’s issue of New Scriptor arrived in the mail two weeks ago.  I’ve had the good fortune to be published by them again, and the good fortune to again be included with my main man Herb.  If you’ve been following The Seeker for a while, you’ll know that New Scriptor has become a part of my annual writing habits.  They’ve become a good way to get some recognition and to support the community of writers among Illinois educators.

Here’s one of my poems they published.  The other will follow tomorrow.

The New Generation by Jeff Burd

A kitten came to my father’s patio a few

years ago, one of those supremely lithe,

devastatingly handsome bobcat look-

alikes.  His instant celebrity entitled him

to tear around the house making

demands about food and attention.  Now

he stays out until all hours without so

much as a phone call.  He leaves his kills

on the kitchen floor.  He’s allowed his

full complement of switchblades, too,

despite the shredded furniture and

scarred hands.

                                Now there

is a yellow-crested hummingbird

perched on the feeder in the backyard

every morning.  He buzzes his wings and

bobs tenaciously, shaking the entire

contraption until he gets his tumbler of

nectar.  Dad never scolds him for lack of

“please” or “thank you” and never

expects a prayer before the meal.

When he’s done, the pudgy fellow flits

off without cleaning up after himself or

asking to be excused.

I ask dad about these unexpected

creatures, and he says they are his new

generation.  I don’t ask him why he has

returned to active duty, but am terribly

curious about this unexpected laizze-

faire parenting style.  He says now he

understands the rules of engagement,

that children are wild across species–

the most he can do is be there for them

along the way and

let happen whatever will happen.

Written by seeker70

July 16, 2012 at 2:03 pm

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  1. Enjoyed the poem! I always struggled with writing poetry in high school and college. Makes me admire those who can do it so well even more.

    Lauri Keagle

    July 17, 2012 at 7:46 am

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