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Digging Up Bones, pt. 6

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I’ve been meaning to put a cap on this serial for some time, but don’t seem to have found the motivation until now.  This is probably because The Fictive Dream workshop is over (has been for about 2 months) and some of my creative energies have cooled.  Perhaps a better way of saying it is that some of my creative energies are simmering, though I’m about ready to bring them back to boil.  This has been typical behavior as I’ve balanced my writing ambitions with my teaching career.  One of them has to be put back to simmer, and it’s mostly the writing since the teaching pays the mortgage.  But the school year is wrapping up and I’m finding more time to write.

I’ve got two stories one the verge of being something and going somewhere, which is a strange position for me to be in.  Usually I focus on one story at a time, and maybe a poem on the side and a few stray blog entries (I’m always contemplating a few stray blog entries, so that’s more background noise than anything).  Now, though, I’ve got command of two full short stories that I’ve been plugging away at with the method I started experimenting with (write 500 words, edit, write 500 more, edit all 1000 words, write 500 more, edit all 1500…).  I’m pretty happy with the results, and am finding the false notes in the stories and addressing them before I get somebody to do some editing.  This method is brand new territory for me, and I guess I shouldn’t be too surprised to be exploring new territory since fiction writing is still new territory for me and I’m discovering all kinds of ways to traverse the landscape.  I’ve also noticed a strange pattern in my writing of short fiction:  It takes me about a year to produce a story that I’m happy with (one of my current stories under consideration here is an exception).  Not that I’m plugging away at a story consistently for 12 entire months; it’s more like I start stuff with a flurry and then don’t come back to it for a long time.  Now that I think about it, that’s how this serial began.  I dug up some old bones and thought they were worth dusting off.

So what to do with these 2 stories I feel so good about?  For starters, I’ll have to see how good I feel about them in a few weeks when I have them close to wrapped up.  After that, I have no idea.  I sure as hell would like to get at least one of them placed somewhere (or as a lot of writers like to say, “find a home for the story”), but I’m not sure how hard I’ll try to do that.  In the end, if a few friends read them and then they sit on my hard drive until who knows when (the stories, not my friends), I don’t have a problem with that.  The practice has been worth it, and what I learned along the way will serve whatever comes next.  Practice is every bit as important as product.

There’s also another workshop coming up, and at least I’ll have material that is already pretty far along and that I can submit to the workshop.  Another round of feedback for either story is only going to help, and another workshop will probably be enough cause to start a new serial.


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May 22, 2012 at 6:23 pm

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