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Guest Blogger: Adam says, “Not so fast!”

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Readers:  Adam Vollmers is a long-time friend and one of the original followers of The Seeker.  Dig through the archives, and you’ll see his comments peppered throughout.  With him being the biggest science fiction and comic book afficianado I know, I should have known he would have some thoughts on last week’s post panning Marvel’s The Avengers.  He took the most exception to my third point, which brought up the similarities between The Avengers and Watchmen and the trope of destroying New York City.  I thought his comments warranted their own post, so here’s Adam setting the record straight:

Having not seen The Avengers yet, but being a comic book geek from long ago, let me take a stab at #3. Historically, The Avengers are based in NYC, so that’s why it’s set there. That’s just always the way it is in the Marvel universe. Fair? No. Logical?  Of course not.  If I’m a villain, apparently all I need to do is move my evil base of operations about 100 miles in any direction and I can do whatever I want. But that’s the way it is. Willing suspension of disbelief.

Keep in mind that The Avengers started in the early 60s, and it, along with DC’s Justice League of America were designed as gimmicks to join forces of some of the more popular characters (marketing) with some of the lessor characters (to help market them). The formula has always been the same, and Watchmen was working off of it, not the other way around, although Alan Moore’s work is an excellent take on the superhero community and its role within the greater world, and I can’t recommend Watchmen enough.

As far as confusing the audience, let’s be honest:  They don’t care, and frankly, rightfully so. The average American knows enough about the main characters to accept what they’re given and roll with it. I think you’re overthinking it and forgetting that despite the medium, it’s still a comic. Sorry you didn’t like it. I, for one, am looking forward to it.

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May 13, 2012 at 9:59 pm

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