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Blogs for the New Year

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I have a pair of writing friends who have started blogs, and with their blessings, I can recommend them to you.

Rachael Stark and I became fast friends in the fiction workshop at The Skids last summer; in fact, she was the one who got me started on referring to Skidmore College as The Skids.  Anyhow…  she lives in Brooklyn with her husband, two daughters, and some dogs.  In addition to being a yoga master, she’s also a professor of English, Literature, and Creative Whining (as she says) at NYU.  She’s also been working on a crime / suspense thriller that she is currently shopping around to various publishers.  She told me last summer that she was heading to India this winter, and I encouraged her to start a blog about her experiences.  She finally listened.  You can chronicle her experiences here:  The Neurotic Traveler:  A crazed New Yorker shares her travel woes.  If you hurry, you can pick up right as she arrives in India–which is right about now!

Elsewhere, my former Northwestern classmate Connie Vaughn has started up a blog about running (and life).  Connie was an original subscriber to The Seeker back in the day, so it’s an honor to give her a plug here.  She unexpectedly found herself back in her childhood home a few years back, and has weathered the boomeranging like a champ.  I’ve checked out Decade:  What are you running towards? on several occassions and am always reminded of how much I enjoy her insights about running and life, and how much I enjoy her writing.  You can catch her here (Decade:  What are you running towards? ), but you better move fast–she sure is!

Have a safe and happy new year.

~ Jeff

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January 2, 2012 at 5:49 pm

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