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Something’s Brewing pt. 10

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Joy can evaporate as quickly as it floods your heart and soul.  The baseball playoffs are a good way to be reminded of that, which now that I think about it means that baseball can actually be construed as a metaphor for life.  That’s something I love about writing–I frequently stumble upon ideas and philosophies so deep, so unique, that I’m certain nobody else has ever thought of them.  It’s kinda like that time in high school when I started to understand football as a metaphor for war.

Anyhow…  the Brewers stepped in it last night, nice and deep.  The starting pitching fell apart so severely that the bullpen couldn’t fix it or even hold anything down.  Nyjer Morgan should have been on the bench, too.  He’s gone 1 for 11 in the series, striking out 6 times.  Plus he missed a ball to deep center field last night that Carlos Gomez probably would have gotten to.  It cost a run and an out.  It might be a minor point since the Diamondbacks wracked up 8 runs on the evening, but it made a difference early on when the Brewers were still in the game.

Detroit stepped in it, too.  Now they face an elimination game at Yankee Stadium.  That makes me about as nervous as a long-tailed cat in a room full of rocking chairs.  Neither team will have their ace thanks to last Friday’s rain postponement.  The Tigers are in more critical need of theirs, so I’m not terribly hopeful.

Best case scenario:  Friday night rolls around and I’m euphoric about the Brewers and Tigers advancing to their respective league championship series.

Worst case scenario:  Friday night rolls around and I’m muttering desperate prayers to the baseball gods for the Brewers to return to form as the best home team in baseball; when my hands aren’t folded, my fingers are crossed and I’m hoping that Texas can find a way to beat the damn Yankees.  Sounds like I might end up with arthritis.

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October 5, 2011 at 5:08 pm

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Something’s Brewing pt. 9

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All is right in the baseball universe as of this very moment.

I wrote last summer that Ron Roenicke’s disciplined and stragetic approach is a difference maker when it comes to winning high-pressure ballgames.  This afternoon’s actions proved it.  Knotted at 4-4 with one out in the bottom of the sixth, the Brewers broke the game open with a safety squeeze.  Just like in pt. 4, it was Jonathan Lucroy laying down the beneficial bunt.  Though my man Earl Weaver would have cringed at the notion of playing for one run, the tactic worked–not just in plating the winning run, but in opening the floodgate to score 4 more runs in the inning and putting the game out of Arizona’s reach.  The relief pitching I was plugging yesterday stepped in, and it was lights-out.

If things continue like this, the Brewers can wrap this whole thing up Tuesday night and prepare for the National League Championship Series.  I’m holding my breath until then.  Figuratively speaking.


Over in the junior circuit, I’m starting to believe that God loves the damn Yankees.  Not only did weather intervene to take Cy Young gonna-be Justin Verlander off the mound in a game in which the Tigers had already jumped on CC Sabathia, but it was quite apparent that there was divine intervention at work during the bottom of the ninth this afternoon.  There really is no other explanation for world-beating closer Jose Valverde choking up 34 pitches, 2 walks, 2 earned runs, and a home run.  Thankfully, the Tigers already had a substantial lead.  Nonetheless, the Yankees still threatened late.  With two out, Robinson Cano popped a ball foul that would have ended the game… but the Tigers catcher slipped on the on-deck circle when he was about to catch the ball.  He slipped right on the damn Yankees logo!  Isn’t it obvious that if the Tigers want to advance, they have to beat the Yankess AND God?

There is, however, one other thing we know about divine intervention that figures prominently into this affair:  God helps he who helps himself.  The Yankees couldn’t help themselves enough this afternoon, so I can only conclude that God grew bored and let them find their own end, which they did.  That, and maybe he remembered that the damn Yankees sold their souls to the devil in order to win all those World Series championships.  I swear it’s true.


My three post-season objectives were all accomplished today.  Like I said, all is right in the baseball universe at this very moment.

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October 2, 2011 at 9:06 pm

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Something’s Brewing pt. 8

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It’s a great day to be a Brewers fan.  Courtesy of some excellent, classic baseball, The Crew is up 1-0 in their National League Division Series.

This was a great game to watch.  It was obvious that it would be a pitcher’s duel even before the first pitch was thrown, and the game didn’t disappoint.  That’s going to happen when staff aces face off.  The Brewers didn’t disappoint, either.  I saw the 2nd inning as the most pivotal–The Crew worked Ian Kennedy to 27 pitches.  Though they didn’t score, they sent the message that they were going to be patient with their at-bats and make Kennedy work, then pounce on his mistakes.  But they had to wait until the fourth inning for mistakes to occur.  Prince Fielder beat the shift to get on base and advance Ryan Braun, and then Kennedy loaded the bases after hitting Rickie Weeks.  In typical Brewer fashion, they plated a run on a sacrifice fly to go up 1-0.

What excites me the most, though, is that Milwaukee scored three of their four runs with two outs.  That’s a testament to their patience at the plate and their ability to retain their composure under pressure.  Two of those runs came in the bottom of the seventh when Kennedy’s 17th pitch of the inning (and 111th of the game) was crushed by Fielder, sending a fan in the right field stands home with a souvenir.  Those are the kinds of things that win playoff games!  But it wasn’t just about the bats.  Milwaukee’s pitching staff in all three phases (starting, relieving, closing) has garnered a lot of attention.  Today, Gallardo was all but untouchable:  8 innings pitched, 4 hits, 1 walk, 1 earned run, and 9 strikeouts on 106 pitches.  He was only in danger in the top of the first, but was bailed out when Braun threw a runner out at the plate.

Given all this, what’s not to love about this team?!

Alas, tomorrow is another day, and it’s important to remember what slaves whispered in the ears of Roman conquerors when they marched in celebratory parades:  All glory is fleeting.  It’s just as important that the Brewers win tomorrow as it was that they won today.

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October 1, 2011 at 10:00 pm

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