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Something’s Brewing ~ Final

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Most baseball fans who tuned into the game last night heard the insights of the announcers, the roar of the crowd, the snap of the hardwood on the horsehide, and even an ocassional beer vender hawking his cold suds.  Not me.  All I heard was a toilet flushing.  It started early in the first inning, and continued to ring and echo and gurgle until I finally turned the TV off after the fifth inning.  That’s what you can expect when you can’t sit down the leadoff batters when you face the Cardinals, and then find yourself somehow trying to get Albert Pujols out.  And it wasn’t even Pujols who was killing the Brewers so much as it was David Freese batting behind him.  Freese hit an ungodly .545 with 12 hits, 9 RBIs, and 3 homeruns in the NLCS.  To quote my students:  WTF?!?!

It doesn’t matter who did what at this point, because it’s all over.  I am smug in the fact that my prediction way back on March 28 was spot on (that the Brewers could make a run deep into the playoffs), but even that doesn’t matter so much; what matters is they could have gone further.  They could have gone to the World Series.  They could have been somebody.  They could have been contenders.  Now they are merely also-rans.

Next year will be different. The Crew will almost certainly be without Prince Fielder, and that is going to change their game. I foresee a predominant on-base game that will put guys on base, and then stealing or otherwise moving them over. Of course, there will be pitching. Will it be enough? Maybe to contend for a wild-card spot. You just have to have a big bopper like Prince if you want to be an elite team. The Brewers most likely won’t have that, though I fantasize about the Yankees taking Prince or Pujols and somehow leaving Mark Texiera up for grabs. He’d do well as a cleanup hitter. But that’s all crackpipe talk… who knows what will happen? The Brewers might be able to dangle a pitcher and get somebody, but you seldom want to bankrupt your arms for your bats because the arms are always a rare commodity and will take you further than the bats. Maybe someone will want Nyjer Morgan (because speed never slumps), and will be willing to trade somebody good. Whatever is going to happen, I think Ron Roenicke is the right man for the job. Most people would probably never have thought that his second year on the bench would be more difficult than his first, but I’m willing to bet that it’s going to be.

So baseball is over for me now.  I doubt I’ll watch much of the World Series.  If I’m out at a bar and it’s on, sure I’ll watch.  If it comes down to a Game 7, you bet I’ll watch.  Otherwise, forget it.  I’ve lost too much sleep these past few weeks, and invested too much emotion.  I don’t regret any of it; heck, I’d invest twice the time and emotion if it meant the Brewers were still alive.

Written by seeker70

October 17, 2011 at 8:59 pm

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