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Something’s Brewing pt. 12

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Lisa works out at the gym next door.  She’s one of the early-morning lunatics, which is the only word you can use to describe people who are hitting the machines before 6am.  I’ve seen her over there the last year or so.  Somehow we struck up a conversation last spring (because lunatics love company, and there’s something about the bond you form with people when you work out that early).  Turns out she’s not only a huge baseball fan, but a lifelong Brewers fan.  She’s been to the HOF several times, even.  As such, we’ve had about 30 short conversations about the Brewers this season.  She’s been to 2 of the playoff games already, and will most likely go to more.

So Tuesday morning I resignedly say to her, “Rough night for The Crew last night, huh?”  They’d had their asses whipped 12-3, and were never even in the game.

She tells me she turned the game off after the third inning, and that she has kinda given up hope.  Black clouds gathered in my mind.  For the first time since March, I started to think that the Brewers were without a doubt finished.  The Cardinals were playing just too good, and they happen to have God himself batting in the 3rd spot (Albert Pujols has hit .533 this series alone, with 6 RBIs).  They had just stolen homefield advantage and were heading back to St. Louis to seemingly finish off the Brewers.  Wednesday night added credence to my dark thoughts, with the Brewers spotting the Cardinals an 0-4 lead before the second inning and eventually falling 4-3.

I cursed Lisa in my mind for not holding out hope, for not believing, for planting the seeds of despair in my heart.  After her proclamation, I was tempted to blurt out a huge disbelieving “WHAT?!”  The girl has cheese in her veins she’s so Wisconsin.  How do you give up on your team like that?  And how did I so easily accept the Brewers soon-to-be fate as an also-ran?  Maybe I feared the smite of God’s bat and didn’t see the Brewers as able to keep guys off base ahead of him, which would pretty much be the story of the series.  Maybe I thought the Cardinals are playing just too well right now and can’t be sidetracked.  Maybe I thought it was true what everybody has been saying about this year’s Brewers:  A very good team, but not a great team.  Maybe Tony LaRussa is too dang crafty and has found a way to finish the Brewers.

Maybe I need to stop thinking.

Randy Wolf showed up on the mound last night and mowed down pretty much everybody, including God himself.  He kept guys off base in front of God, and then chucked some pitches that were mighty unhittable at the white-and-red clad deity.  He lasted 7 innings, struck out 6, and allowed 2 runs.  This was the same guy who was chased after 3 innings and 7 runs just last Wednesday in Arizona.  He kept the roar of the Cardinal bats down to a whisper and didn’t flinch in the face of The Almighty, essentially resurrecting the Brewers.  Heresy, thy name is Wolf.

The series is still far from over, but with Zack Greinke taking the mound in about one minute and the Cards not having scored any runs after the first inning of the last 2 games, I like the Brewers chances.  I’m sure Lisa has seen the light by now, too.

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October 14, 2011 at 7:05 pm

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