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Back to School– Day 1

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August, 1988–  I walk onto the third floor of Clevenger Hall at Ball State University, where I will live for the next 3 years, and am greeted by this mural painted on the wall:

That’s an homage to the Grateful Dead album Shakedown Street, and was but the first indicator that there was no mistake, I was a student at an official Playboy Party School (allegedly, we had made the top 15 in 1988).  That singular experience laid the foundation for what I came to know as the college experience–especially what it meant to live in the dorms.

Flash forward 23 years to yesterday afternoon.  I arrive at Skidmore College and am assigned to the third floor of Wiecking Hall, where I will live for the next month.  Upon entry, I am greeted by this mural painted on the wall:

Suffice it to say, a midwest party school in the late 80s is a far cry from a private, contemporary east coast school.  And because I can’t stop myself from chuckling about some of the not-so-subtle eliteness that seems to radiate from the campus, I have to point out the Skidmore mascot:  Thoroughbreds.  So once I finish here I can consider myself in league with Man O’War, Seabiscuit, and Secretariat.  That’s quite a cross-species jump from being a Cardinal (motto:  We’ll peck your eye out!).

I’m not the first to scratch my head at the differences between my previous experience and this one.  As we were walking back from workshop this afternoon, one of my classmates wondered aloud if she could ever have attended college on such a small, pristine campus.  Seems that she, too, had the public university education experience and had grown fond of the wild flavor it had left in her mouth.

It’s all good, though.  I’m bringing a little bit of the Ball State dorm experience to Skidmore.  The gratuitious Bob Marley poster is up next to my door, and the Christmas lights are plugged in.  Oh, and my room ain’t so bad…  in fact, it’s pretty spacious for a dorm room.  This shot only shows about 2/3 of the entire room.  I also have an excellent bay window.

Not to be confused with The Four Seasons


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July 4, 2011 at 11:20 pm

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