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Something’s Brewing pt. 2

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I’d been worried for a few weeks about how and when I would get to my first ballgame this year.  Problem solved Saturday morning at 9:30AM as I stood next to a comely lass in a muddy field, drenched in sweat and out of breath:  Tickets were presented to me.  Brewers vs. Cubs.  Those circumstances were probably the most interesting I could imagine to address my problem.  Does it sound seductive?  Racy?  It wasn’t.  I’d just finished running a 5K at a local forest preserve when she surprised me.

The aforementioned comely lass accompanied me to Miller Park, and we watched the Brewers put an old-school, by-the-book beating on the Cubs.  As much as  I love the Northsiders, I was glad to see the Brewers not only win, but do it by getting guys on base, bunting them over, smacking doubles (four on the night, plus a rare triple to right-center field), stealing bases, and whiffing the Cubbies nine times.  It was a perfect example of the way The Crew needs to play if they are going to make the playoffs.  I also found a new favorite player:  Nyjer Morgan.  Despite striking out twice, the speedy little guy went 1-3, got an RBI on a walk, scored 2 runs, laid down a sacrifice bunt in the first inning, made a wall-crashing catch in center field, and parlayed a triple out of what would have been a double to 97% of the rest of the league.  I loves me some of that.

But not all is well in baseball land.  I was disheartened at the sight of the Brewers new scoreboard.  The 5,940 square foot behemoth (105′ x 168′) has almost 2.4 million pixels and cost upwards of $12 million (that’s about $5 per pixel!).  Sure it’s a jaw-dropping experience to be able count the whiskers on Prince Fielder’s face, but to serve what purpose?  It only adds to the glitz and spectacle that distracts from the game.  A few years ago they installed an LCD ring beneath the upper deck that stretches along the foul lines from right field to left field and that sometimes runs game stats when it isn’t blinding you with flashing advertisements.  The gigantic new scoreboard is even more of a distraction.  Pretty soon, the Brewers won’t even need lights for a night game.  There’s nothing wrong with a servicable scoreboard, or even no scoreboard.  Wrigley and Fenway have made do for decades with no such thing to distract fans and draw attention away from the field.

For what do you think the Brewers are trying to compensate?

Most Brewer fans are glad to have the thing, though.  One guy sitting behind me last night quipped that unlike Prince Fielder, the Brewers will still have that scoreboard for the next ten years.  To me, the monstrosity is too large, too garish, and too loud–  all of which are negative stereotypes already associated with Wisconsin.  I’ll forgive this, though, if the Brewers use the scoreboard and all it’s abilities to screen a film worthy of such a piece of technology:  Lawrence of Arabia.  I’ll even settle for The Searchers or The Bridge on the River Kwai.

Elsewhere, the MLBTV package as delivered via my Roku box leaves a few things to be desired.  Here I thought I’d be in Baseball Heaven, but I’ve had to settle for a lesser degree of bliss.  You should be able to toggle back and forth between games, but you can’t.  You should be able to tune in at 7PM for a game that starts at 7:10PM and get some pregame talk, but you can’t.  It shouldn’t be cutting out and buffering when my Roku box is connected to my wifi antenna with an ethernet cable, but it does.  You should get highlights and game recaps on the TV, but you don’t.  Still, I’ve watched tons of highlights and several games on my iPhone and laptop, so that’s a good thing.  And it’s still baseball.


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April 10, 2011 at 9:22 pm

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  1. Don’t forget to post your photo in the new hat as a follow up to your previous entry.


    April 11, 2011 at 6:52 pm

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