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Day 2 of the Snow Typhoon: How I Survived The Class 3 Kill-Storm of 2011

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Wednesday, Feb. 2, 2011

9:15AM:  I woke up just a little bit ago, eager to see what damage had been wrought overnight.  The news reported that this blizzard is the third worst weather day in Chicago history.  Following are the five top winter storms to hit Chicago (taken from the Chicago Tribune website):

1. 23.0 inches on Jan. 26-27, 1967

2. 21.6 inches on Jan .1-3, 1999

3. 19.5 inches on Feb. 1-2, 2011 (and counting)

4. 19.2 inches on March 25-26, 1930

5. 18.8 inches on Jan. 13-14, 1979

The word on the news is that we’re not over it yet.  I don’t see anything on the radar.  This is what the balcony looked like this morning:

I hate to think how bad it would be if I hadn’t shoveled three times yesterday.

So I got up and made pancakes for breakfast.  I tuned Netflix to True Confessions, and have been enjoying it quite a bit.  It seems like a decent companion piece to L.A. Confidential.

2:30PM:  Something as simple as a well-deserved nap can derail your plans on a day like today.  That didn’t stop me from taking one, but I did have to force myself off the couch so I didn’t linger.  It was difficult.  Kitty loves naps, and if she could speak plain English, she probably would have lobbied for me to stay put.

I shoveled off the balcony once again and set up the grill.

My major concern right now is that we don’t have another snow day tomorrow.  It’s a bit sketchy and this point, but I am mostly confident that I’ll be back at the chalkboard tomorrow.  This is counter-intuitive, yes?  My concerns are purely selfish.  If we have to take another snow day, we’ll end up going to school on Pulaski Day, which would disrupt my plans for the 12th Annual Casmir Pulaski Memorial Poker Game.  That takes place on Sunday evening before Pulaski Day, and it’s hard enough to get the game together and get players without having to change it to Friday night.

There’s something more to my wishes, though.  Our students need those days off in the winter months.  They can quickly go stir crazy, and trouble usually follows.  When they have no school on President’s Day and Pulaski Day, it’s a chance to decompress.  That makes a huge difference with what happens in the hallways and classrooms.

6:26PM:  Well, shit.  No school tomorrow.  I guess that means this will be another night of staying up ’til the wee hours watching movies and writing and whatnot.  It’s not like I don’t have anything to do or am bored, but I would really rather be at work tomorrow.  The culprit this time isn’t just the snow, but also the temperatures.  We’re supposed to be down in the negative single digits tonight, maybe even lower.  Roads are pretty gnarly still, too, which means it’s dangerous to transport students.

This afternoon was great.  Once I roused from my nap, I fired up the grill, mixed a beverage, torched a cigar, and got out on the balcony.  I pulled my outdoor speaker out of the closet and tuned it in to some Ray Charles radio on Pandora, and had a grand old time of it in the cold while the steaks slowly sizzled.  You know what I learned about grilling?  Get your meat to room temperature, and then lay it on the grill at the lowest temperature setting.  Low and slow.  It gives you plenty of time to relax and enjoy the grilling process, you don’t have to worry about burning anything, and the meat is nice and juicy.

Despite the found joys of the day, I’m in a funk.  I think the only thing that can resusitate me is an epic war film.  I tried the obscure Shout at the Devil, but it’s barely passable and I’ve only had it on for background noise.  Looks like it’s time to dig through what I have at my disposal.  If I can find The Bridge on the River Kwai, that might do.  Funny thing about that one:  The book upon which it was based was written by Pierre Boulle, who also wrote Planet of the Apes.  That’s an odd combination.

11:45PM:  I just finished movie #3 for the day, The Pledge.  I had seen most of it a few years back, so I decided to go all in and take it in start to finish.  It’s a pretty decent flick for a standard police procedural.

It’s 8° outside and dropping.  Tomorrow I’ll clean the house for a little bit and make a list of everything I need for the Super Bowl party I’m hosting.  I have more stuff to write.  Maybe I’ll read some, too.  God forbid things would get so bad that I’d actually do some school work.


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February 2, 2011 at 11:51 pm

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