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Re-verse Pt. 5: I Wish To Inform You

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I haven’t been blogging at all for the past few weeks due to an unusually busy schedule and a lot of traveling, but I wanted to wrap up this serial by finally posting the poem I talked about in early October.  I had the chance to polish it a bit and present it at a poetry seminar I attended on October 30.  I was able to record the reading; it is pasted below.  By the way, I was impressed by the seminar leader, Herb Guggenheim.  He made some excellent points about writing verse, and shared a number of his own poems along the way.  You can check out what he has to offer in his book, The Further Adventures of Pete Sussman:  New and Selected Poems.

I Wish To Inform You by Jeff Burd

I Wish To Inform You — audio

Say we’re in your car

tooling around my neighborhood,

or around town,

or you’re giving me a ride to work.

You’re driving                            

and I’m strapped into the passenger seat.


I’m gawking at the red and white Cape Cod

with the driveway framed by rows of maples

three doors down from my condominium,

and you’re starting to think

I’m some kinda rube                            

fresh off the farm

exploring the big city.


You’re shaking your head

and muttering

What the hell…???

as I’m wowing about the hedgerow

along the sidewalk that leads to the park

two blocks over

because somehow

I had never noticed it before.


But wait, there’s more!  I’m tilting my seat

and gazing through your sunroof

in heavenly wonder at the sky and clouds

and expounding upon their shapes and sizes!


By now you’re wondering aloud

that it’s no surprise I’m single

because how in the world

do you sell someone

on the notion

that what I’m doing

is normal

for anybody,

much less a forty-year old man?


Then I’m informing you that you’re not seeing

the disease, just a symptom of it.

See, for all these years I’ve had to focus on

getting myself where I’m going and haven’t

much been able to notice how I get there,

so going somewhere—anywhere—and appreciating

the journey is a luxury

because for once I don’t have to

worry about watching out for myself.

Written by seeker70

November 8, 2010 at 9:16 pm

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2 Responses

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  1. Jeff, I like the poem. I don’t quit get it, guess I need to read it a couple more times.


    November 13, 2010 at 10:12 pm

  2. […] Wish to Inform You” was part of The Seeker last fall, including a reading of the poem for a small audience at the end of a poetry workshop.  “John Hancock,” though, is […]

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