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The 5Ks of Summer: Twilight Shuffle 5K

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Sunday, September 5, 2010  ~  6:00pm  ~  Libertyville, IL

Results:  25:28; 37th out of 142 male 40-49 age division; 131st of 955 overall

Bounty to date:  22 bottles of water, 20 protein shakes, 23 bananas, 6 apples, 3 nutrition bars, 4 bottles of Gatorade, 4 containers of yogurt, 4 Nutri-grain bars.

I cannot run any faster.  It is best at this point if I stop trying.  If I don’t, I could run myself into another injury.

But I could have run this race faster and possibly beat my time from the Iron Horse 5K two weeks ago, except this one had several long hills and 18 turns.  No lie.  Check out the course:  Twilight Shuffle 5K.  The hills will slow you down a bit (though I didn’t feel taxed by them throughout the race), but so many turns will definitely kill your time.  So though I felt like I ran stronger and faster that two weeks ago, I still lost 13 seconds.  I’m not worried about it.

This was a helluva race.  It went through some of Libertyville’s nicest neighborhoods, and there were loads of people out in their front yards cheering on runners– the most spectators I’ve seen at a race this summer.  Furthermore, the field was packed.  I was never much more than arms reach from other runners until the homestretch.  What’s more, this race had a hellaciously cool race t-shirt.  I’ll be wearing this beauty for years to come:

The weather conditions were great, too.  The race started as the sun was setting, so temperatures were cooler than at anything I’ve run since Mother’s Day.  There was a light rain at the start for about 10 minutes, too, which brought to mind lots of great memories from high school cross country about running in the foulest weather imaginable.  It rained harder afterwards at the post-race party, which more than anything reminded me that summer is quickly coming to a close.

So I’m going to hurt myself if I run faster.  It’s time to ease back into the zen, wherein I’m ultimately satisfied to run and finish a race, time be damned.  It’s still reasonable to expect times in the 27-minute range, which satisfies me for being 40 years old.  I’ve never been a fast runner, will never be one, so it’s foolish to try to get faster and faster.  Maybe if my weight gets down to 180 pounds, but that’s not going to happen any time soon, if it happens at all.

Up next:  Great Lakes Adaptive Sports Association 5K Twilight Run-Walk-Roll, Saturday, September 11 @ 6PM in Lake Forest.

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September 6, 2010 at 11:10 am

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