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Happy Birthday– The Seeker Turns 2 years old Today!

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It’s time to blow out another cybercandle!  Two year ago today, I sat in Scott Webb’s basement garage in Nashville and got this blog rolling.  Some quick numbers:

–  this is the 143rd posting on The Seeker; something is posted every 5 days on average

–  The Seeker has hosted 6 different guest bloggers

–  since moving to WordPress on April 17 of this year, The Seeker has been viewed 906 times (Blogspot stats unavailable); the single-day record for viewings is 53 on July 15 when Disembarkation Blues debuted

–  10 people currently subscribe to The Seeker by email

It’s been a great year for The Seeker; it has included some of my best blogging to date and a significant move.  The move came in April when I switched over to WordPress.  Blogspot had grown stale to me, and there were things I wanted to do that were just too hard to do on Blogspot, like import custom graphics and post audio clips.  It has also been a lot easier to post comments since the move, so commenting on the blog has shot up quite a bit.  WordPress has proven more flexible with editing, as well, and I think the overall design is more professional.  An unlimited number of readers can also subscribe to the blog and get it on email, which I see as a great option.

As far as quality of writing, I think I hit my peak here last October when I started Cheating On My Girlfriend, which bled out to a total of 17 episodes over the course of 5 weeks.  I found a legitimate excuse to serialize my writing to include my love of baseball, and was able to find an angle with my frustrations with dating and relationships.  Along the way, I tied in a few other things and even found a way to include parts of an old piece of writing that I still hold close to my heart.  I looked forward to blogging for the entire month, and thought that the my content improved in direct proportion to how candid I was about “personal things” (a few friends called a TMI on me– too much information; but only a minor TMI).  If nothing else, the title of the serial got people to tune in at the start.

I vowed last year at this time to write more about teaching.  I accomplished that, but not by a great stretch.  More than anything, I talked about how certain issues affect my job (Big Ben, et al), or I talked about how my teaching influences my writing.  There are plenty of things to write about in regard to teaching, but still, at the end of most days I welcome the chance to focus my attention away from my job.

And speaking of writing…  this remains, overall, a metacognitive journal about writing.  My mid-winter serial about writing fiction was a great aid to my actual writing of fiction, and turned out to be the most metacognition I did about writing since Thesis Blues.  It was a great benefit as I felt my way around in the darkness that to me is fiction.  But as you can tell, the blog is not just about thinking about what I’m thinking about as I write.  Baseball is still a frequent topic here, as is running, and I was able to branch out to new genres– poetry, fiction, and music all debuted on The Seeker this year.  I have welcomed the diversity of content, and can’t think of any reason why it shouldn’t continue as I find ways to include different types of writing.

So what does the future of The Seeker look like?  Mainly, more serials.  I’m always trying to find things that I can split into episodes, though I’m aware that not everything makes a good serial (thank god Carlos Zambrano melted down early this year…  I would have gotten tired of writing about him twice a week, and I don’t think many people were too excited about the few episodes I did write).  I want to take on more guest bloggers (drop me a line!), and I want to get back to writing about movies more often–  that notion has taken a backseat somewhere along the way.  Also, I want to write more lists.  They’re a ton of fun to work on, and I should write more–  the two most-viewed blogs on The Seeker have been lists! (Six Reasons Why Men Love Dirty Harry, and the aforementioned Disembarkation Blues)

Finally, thanks for reading.  I’m grateful to have an audience.  Many of you have no idea how much you inspire my writing.

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August 11, 2010 at 12:01 am

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