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The 5Ks of Summer: Joggin’ for the Noggin 5K

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Sunday, August 8, 2010  ~  7:30am  ~  Palatine, IL

Results:  26:11; 11th out of 36 male 40-49 age division; 90th of 630 overall

Bounty to date:  14 bottles of water, 20 protein shakes, 12 bananas, 3 apples, 3 nutrition bars, 4 bottles of Gatorade.

This one was a perfect storm of circumstances:  I was well-rested (haven’t raced for 3 weeks, slept real well last night), well-hydrated, and the weather was perfect for a run.  It was 71 and overcast when the gun went off; there was a bit of a breeze most of the race.  If there was ever going to be a chance to improve my time from July 3, this was it.

I felt outstanding the first mile.  I knew I had set a strong pace, my breathing was deep and steady (if a bit more accelerated than normal), and I was in a good spot in the pack overall.  There were no mile splits on the course, so I don’t know how fast I was at the mile mark or any mark thereafter, but I felt fast.  I wasn’t familiar with the course, and was kinda out of it as far as where I was for the last 1/2 of the race until I turned onto the 1/4 mile home stretch.

I kicked my pace up a bit once I saw the finish line, having targeted 3 people I wanted to catch.  I caught them, then thought I could coast.  A guy came barrelling up behind me, and thankfully I heard him before he passed me.  We sprinted all-out for about 2 blocks until he faded at the end.  I ended up finishing 2 seconds faster than my record from July 3, which was also set in Palatine.

This was an outstanding race overall.  The only mistake I think I made was going for water after the first mile mark.  I didn’t necessarily need water , and stopping for 2-3 seconds to take a gulp wrecked my pace.  I couldn’t seem to recapture it after that, though I ran strong enough to sprint hard at the end and break my record, even if by 2 seconds.

This race was the best-organized one I’ve run all summer.  They had everything runners love:  a solid t-shirt, a goody bag overflowing with more stuff than you could want (I have enough gum to last me the rest of summer), a huge crowd, post-race massages, solid competition, and a post-race party and free breakfast at a local brewpub.  I’m glad I responded with my best race of the summer, and that I bounced back from the Vernon Hills mess.

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August 8, 2010 at 7:07 pm

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