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Guest Blogger: SGT. Danger– The New York Times just got a little more Danger-ous

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Readers:  Intrepid friend of the blog Nathan Geist (he of the SGT. Danger chronicles, beginning in November 2008) is now a published photographer!  Hopefully his success with a camera will be followed by success with his manuscript.  Read his explanation below and follow the hyperlink to his photographs.


I am currently in the process of re-editing my manuscript (i.e., the emails I sent to you from Afghanistan) for the third time, and stumbled upon an exciting link. Several months ago, The New York Times requested soldiers to submit stories and pictures to be published. While none of my stories have been published in the NYT to date, three of my pictures have been.

“James Clark, Nate Danger Geist and Andres J. Lugo may not be the first names that would come to your mind if you were asked to list accomplished war photographers. But their work, seen here, exemplifies a remarkable development in the documentation of war: professional caliber photography — available to the public almost instantly — taken by the men and women who are also fighting the battles.” To continue reading this page (and see the pictures), follow this link please: .

The first picture that comes up is mine; if you click on the “3,” you will see another; my final picture can be found by scrolling below (the wooden arrows).

love Nate

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July 16, 2010 at 4:16 pm

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