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The 5Ks of Summer: Race For Young Life 5K

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Saturday, July 3, 2010  ~  8:00am  ~  Palatine, IL

Results:  26:13; 11th out of 16 male 40-44 age division; 81st of 214 overall

Bounty to date:  10 bottles of water, 16 protein shakes, 6 bananas, 3 apples, 3 nutrition bars.

This one came outta nowhere!  I killed my previous time by 40 seconds, which means in 4 of my last 5 races, I’ve run my fastest time since I was 19.  I was on a similar streak my senior year in high school when I kept running my best time 5 races in a row.

I’m surprised this happened.  I’ve had one full run since June 20, and that was last week when I did a leisurely 3.6 miles at Rollins Savannah.  I wasn’t running because I wrecked my legs playing soccer last week, and didn’t want to risk anything.  Again, I felt gassed about halfway through the race–  like I wanted to slow down or walk.  But I think that’s something I’m going to have to get used to.  It means I’m running at my fullest potential.

I’m in a new age division now that I’ve turned 40.  For most races, that means I’ll be running in the 40-44 division.  I like the separation between divisions because it shows where I really stand amongst my peers.  I did pretty well in the 35-39; I won the division in a race 2 years ago, and have finished in 6th or better since then.

I guess all this means that I can finally be a varsity Cross Country runner.  For the two years I ran in high school, I was the slowest runner on the team.  It was agonizing, but I still enjoyed it quite a bit (after all, I’m still doing it 23 years later).  One time I ran a 22:17, which was my personal best.  Another time, in 1987 at the New Prairie Cross Country Invitational, I beat Robbie Uetrecht.  He was the second slowest runner on the team.

The funny thing is that even with my 22:17, I would have been a varsity runner at all three of the high schools where I have taught.  So let’s get a team together again; I think I can be one of the top 7.  Hell, I’ll settle for fluctuating in and out of the top 7.  Just give me the damn jersey when I earn it!

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July 3, 2010 at 12:54 pm

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