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New Scriptor; Unsafe…

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When I checked the mail last Friday afternoon, I found a package that contained two copies of New ScriptorNew Scriptor is an annual literary publication exclusive to writing submitted by Illinois educators.  They accept all genres, plus art and photography.  It is edited and printed out of Adlai E. Stevenson High School in Lincolnshire.  The editors accepted each of the 3 pieces I submitted, and a few weeks ago announced that I was the featured writer for the year.  I found out, too, that I was in good company:  The publication also contains the poem “I Wish to Squander My Future,” written by a sometimes-contributor to The Seeker, Herb Ramlose (July 2009, March 2010).

My poem that was selected is below; I will publish the short story over the next two days.  As for the piece of nonfiction, you’ll have to wait.  I have further plans for it.

It’s a banner day in my life as a writer!

Unsafe at any Speed by Jeff Burd

Given that Rhinocerotidae can weigh four tons and

has been clocked at thirty mile per hour even though

he can only see thirty feet in front of himself, it makes sense

why some linguistically-inclined zoologist

          (or some zoologically-gifted linguist)

decided to call a group of rhinoceros a “crash,”

          – a crash of rhinoceri.  It was to

warn against that which is


when they are stampeding southbound on the Serengeti and

some Impala crosses in front of them just south of Tanzania.

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June 6, 2010 at 11:14 pm

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