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Goodbye to Lou

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Dear Ricketts Family:

I’ve had enough.  Please commence with rebuilding the Cubs with all due haste.  It would be foolish to wait until the end of the season, or even the end of next week.  It would be nice to see these wheels already in motion and the engine working up a head of steam before the team reports to Spring Training next year.

To aid in your rebuilding, I would like to suggest  a multi-point plan.

1.  Trade or put Derrick Lee on waivers.  I know this won’t be popular, but he might as well be swinging a toothpick this season.  An American League playoff contender would probably welcome his services, at least as a DH.  He’d look good playing for Minnesota or Detroit.  Heck, there are even a few National League teams that could use his defense and his bat if it ever heats up.  Philadelphia might welcome him later in the season.  D.Lee isn’t going to play any better for the Cubs, and if he does, it’s going to be a waste because this season is already lost.  Dump him while we can still get something out of him.

2.  Continue with your plans regarding Carlos Zambrano.  I will stick by my claim that his demotion to the bullpen is an attempt to preserve his arm, which will help recoup some of what we will lose with personnel when he is traded.  He’s too much of a headache.  Let him be another team’s headache.  It doesn’t help that he took the loss to the Pirates yesterday.  It doesn’t help that the Cubs can’t even beat the Pirates, which is the biggest indicator that it’s time to fold this season and think about the future.

3.  Eat the Soriano and Ramirez contracts.  Nobody is going to want either one of them, so there’s not much you can do.  At least Soriano is hitting, but he’s still a headache and too inconsistent on defense.  Aramis Ramirez doesn’t look like he even wants to play.  The mercurial third baseman has only ever played as good as the team is playing, which is great when the team is winning.  But I don’t remember anybody talking about how they gather around Rami when things are bad, or how he shoulders the load and helps pull the team through.  His best baseball is about 3 years behind him.  Besides, if Lee is swinging a toothpick, Ramirez is swinging a piece of thread.

4.  Keep things as they are up the middle.  Soto is coming around nicely after a bad year, Marlon Byrd was a great pickup, and though I’m not a huge Theriot fan, he’s doing fine.  Fontenot will provide consistent defense and some decent offense, and let’s hope Starlin Castro becomes all we hope he can be.  If you’re strong up the middle and have decent pitching, you’re okay.  I know this doesn’t solve the power hitting problems on the corners, but there’s not much need to change things up the middle.

5.  Finally, fire Lou Pinella.  Immediately.  He’s ineffective, uninterested, and his spark is so far gone that I don’t think it could ever be reignited.  We had high hopes for Lou, same as we did for Dusty Baker.  They both went the same way, sliding into nose dives after hot starts.  Sadly, I don’t respect Lou any more than I do Dusty, and there aren’t many people in baseball I dislike more than Dusty Baker.  You’ve got a guy in the broadcast booth who has been watching this team closely for the past 4-5 years, he’s managed as many World Series championship teams as Lou, and he is still definitely interested in coaching (he interveiwed for the Brewers job 2 years ago).  He’s a fan favorite, is one of the sharpest minds in baseball, and could at least do as well as Lou would the rest of the season.

Hire Bob Brenley.

The season is lost.  There’s no sense in keeping this team together if they’re only going to play .500 (and that’s the best they can hope for).  Sadly, I remarked to someone last night that I don’t even know if I’ll make it to Wrigley this year, and that I don’t necessarily care if I do.  What’s the point?  I can get to Milwaukee just as easily, it costs less to get in the game up there, and I can still see the same quality of baseball.


Written by seeker70

May 15, 2010 at 10:27 am

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  1. Stranger Danger

    May 17, 2010 at 7:03 pm

  2. Sadly, with his no-trade clause, I don’t see Lee going anywhere. Although if anybody expresses interest, at least run it by him.
    Aramis should be on the DL. Something besides his thumb may be wrong with him, even if not, he needs some “rehab” to figure out how to hit again. In the same vein, it’s about time Grabow got that treatment.
    As for firing Lou, it’s overdue. His insistence on not changing the lineup, allowing Lee and Ramirez to stay int the 3-5 range when they having deserved it this year, is baffling.


    May 31, 2010 at 3:10 pm

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