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R.I.P. Carlos Zambrano

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You can’t say I didn’t warn you, Carlos.  But you can say that despite the warning, sending you to the bullpen was completely unexpected.  I don’t know how else to explain it.

I mentioned in three straight posts that your pitch count is too high.  You can barely make it out of the sixth inning, and that’s only after throwing enough pitches for a complete game.  You wear out the bullpen when you start and your ERA is gaudy.  The Cubs had two options:  Let you keep pitching and wear your arm out for the year in June (thus negating your trade value), or put you in a limited role and hope somebody will pick you up.  Either way it’s an ugly situation, and though I think it’s ridiculous to be paying you $18 million to throw 4 innings a week, I’d rather see the Cubs do that than let you wither away and become one of the biggest jokes in franchise history.

The good news for you is that teams are always willing to take a risk on a promising pitcher.  And you still have that promise, if you keep your head.  If you follow your diet.  If you hydrate between innings.  If you worry less about your batting average and more about your earned run average.  If…  if…  if…

A team in the playoff hunt or driving for the pennant will pick you up.  My gut feeling is that the Dodgers will be your next team, and you’ll be playing for them in July.  I have another feeling, too:  You’ll provide your next team with some quality pitching at critical times.

Let’s not forget that you’re not the only problem here, Z.  You aren’t the left fielder, who we have signed for 4 more years, who can’t catch, doesn’t run, and who most days swings a wet noodle.  You aren’t the third baseman who is hitting an anemic .127 and who only ever plays as good as the team is playing.  You aren’t the has-been coach riding out the last year of his contract.  You aren’t the general manager who is bathing 8 players in about $111 million dollars until the end of next year.  But you are the only one amongst the posse of clowns who the Cubs can get anything out of.  So, the Ricketts are going to protect their investment as they show you the door.

It doesn’t matter.  With you or without you, Carlos, the season is lost.  Ryan Dempster and Ted Lilly will provide some decent pitching (and Carlos Silva hopefully will continue to emerge), and the players up the middle will play solid ball.  But St. Louis isn’t going to falter, and there are too many other teams that are too hungry for the Cubs to stop.  If we’re .500 at the end of September, I’ll consider it a miracle.

P.S.  You got the last laugh in the end, Carlos.  I thought I had the perfect serial for the summer.  Now I have to find something else to write about.

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April 24, 2010 at 3:24 am

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