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An Elegy

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Editor’s Note:  Welcome back to The Seeker, Herb Ramlose.  Herb last posted on The Seeker in the summer of 2009 when he ruminated on the death of Michael JacksonHe emailed me earlier this week to inform me of the passing of an old college chum.  He was kind enough to share a poem he wrote for the occassion, and consented to having it published here.  Thank you, sir.  I appreciate your contributions.

Where Art Thou, Dear Jimbo

Thus it begins
           that call one gets from a friend
                      “I have bad news”
           the first day of spring
                      with snow falling
           the first has fallen
                      Jimbo is dead
Old college chum
           A North Parker
                       bigger than life

Viet Nam vet
retired postal worker
collector and curator
           of all things musical and vintage
           jazz and Flash Gordon
           Three Stooges and the Marx Brothers
           TV series and old movies
           sports and trivia
           a monumental mind
Cubs fan
           quick of wit
                      easy of temperament
                                 heart of gold

Died alone
            found alone
                       simply alone
            a fierce heart dead
                       a fierce spirit dead
                                  a fierce and loyal friend
lost to the world
Where art thou, dear Jimbo

And where will we be
without you anymore
dear Jimbo

Written by seeker70

March 26, 2010 at 12:00 pm

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