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The Pugilist– Round 1

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Editor’s Note:  If there’s anybody who can kick your ass, it’s probably my nephew Andrew Burd.  He once told me that the bullies in his middle school never bothered him, because when they asked him if he wanted to fight, he would reply, “Yeah.  I do.”  He went on to make a name for himself on campus at Fairfield High School by cracking skulls on the football field as a defensive lineman, and then as a wrestler.  He has competed in Mixed Martial Arts, and recently has been training in boxing.  On Monday, March 8, he emailed the family with this information: 

“I will be participating in the Chicago Golden Gloves amateur boxing tournament. This is a month-long tournament with full protection (Headgear, foul-guard, mouthpiece, etc.) and it begins this weekend… I will be in the 178 lb. Senior Novice division. The bouts are 3, 3-minute rounds, with full protective gear…  The first round of bouts begins this weekend. I will not know when my match for this weekend is until Thursday, but I will keep everyone posted as to whether or not I advance to the next round…”

Andy will be posted on The Seeker as he relates his experiences in the ring.

March 13, 2010

“I see you’ve rolled your way into the semis… Dios mio, man…” -Jesus Quintana in The Big Lebowski

Hello all,
Just an update- I’ve made it to the semi-final bout of the Senior Novice: 178 lb. weight class! And it almost didn’t go down…

I wake up on Thursday morning and jog down the street to HERO Fitness to I check my weight. The scale read “180”- I was two pounds over. I had until 5:00pm to weigh 178 lbs, which is a weight I hadn’t seen since my junior year of high school. Was I going to make it? Too early to tell. I thought to myself as I took the long way back home (to work up a sweat), “I paid $43 for a USA Boxing passbook; I better make weight.” With a good sweat going, I make it back home to lay low for the rest of the afternoon.

At 4:30pm, I meet Jerome Nealon– my ever-supportive fighting guru and Corner Man. We hop on the CTA Brown Line toward Kimball and take it to Addison, where we find St. Andrew’s Gym. When we get there, there are tons of other fighters huddling around the check-in table trying to get everything in order for the evening. Lots of coaches, staff, etc., all trying to organize the chaos. “Lot of personality disorders in this room,” says Jerome as we find our way in line. I check in and hop in the weigh-in line, and I wait for my turn. I can’t stop thinking, “179… I know I’m going to have to cut a pound somehow.” I step on the scale… 177.8 lbs., WOOHOO! I’ve made it. Jerome and I leave immediately and go get something to eat.

When we return an hour later, Jerome explains to me that we have to wait to see who I’m fighting… they haven’t made the brackets yet and they’ll be posting them shortly. The first six bouts are posted; my name is not listed. The next 13 bouts are posted; still not listed. The last two bouts are posted and an announcement is made, “If you’re name is not listed, you are not fighting this evening. Please stand by to hear when you’re next fight will be.” Check the list- no Andrew Burd SN 178. Someone didn’t make weight so there are now only 7 people, including me, in my weight class. Somehow I’ve been chosen the “odd-man-out” and automatically advance into the semi-final bout.

Anti-climactic? I thought so, too. The good news is, though, that I don’t have to weigh in again until I make it to the finals.

So, that’s my story for now. I fight next Friday, March 19th. If (when) I win, I’ll advance to the final bout which will take place the second weekend in April.

Thank you all. I hope to have a more exciting story for you next Friday night!



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March 15, 2010 at 11:17 pm

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