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Itchin’ for some Fiction pt.3

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I’ve been ignoring this blog lately, which is to say I’ve been ignoring “Something for the Hurt.”  I can’t justify writing in this blog if I can’t find time to work on my fictional creation.

It needs fixing, which right there tells me the problem, because “fixing” is a term I never use for my writing.  “Fixing” means it’s broken, and when I look at an early draft of a story, I never say it’s broken.  It still runs.  It still works in some ways.  The engine still turns over, and at least it will rattle down the street and get you somewhere.  So to say a story needs a tuneup, yes.  It needs tweaking.  Rotate the tires.  Change the oil.  Clean the spark plugs and install new wires.  It’ll run more efficiently.  It’ll be a better ride.

But this sucker needs fixing, and I’ve been avoiding it because I’m not sure if I can fix it.  This is why I hate fiction.  I don’t like being tasked with creating a world that makes sense.  My writing group tells me that there’s not enough apparent conflict.  Characters motives are unclear.  It could be 6-8 pages longer.  The list goes on.  It’s all substantive feedback from writers I like and respect, writers who wouldn’t spare my feelings at the cost of promoting average or subpar writing.  That’s what I need, even if what I want is to be told that my writing is sublime.

Something else that is killing my motivation is that I haven’t settled on an avenue for the story.  The local public library has a creative writing contest each year, and I’ve thought about submitting the story for it.  The deadline is March 14.  I’d feel more comfortable about that right now if I hadn’t spent the last month avoiding the story.  And I don’t want to turn in a clunker.  So I guess I have 11 days to overhaul the engine.

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March 3, 2010 at 2:52 am

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