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Dear Sam’s Club– Revisited

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Some of you might remember Dear Sam’s Club, my rant from last year at this time that detailed my frustration with the ridiculous Sam’s Club policy of carding members as they entered the store.  While not an entirely serious rant, I did mention how using a bouncer is a waste of manpower and money.  I couldn’t help but think about that when I read this article last week:

Wal-Mart cuts 11,200 jobs at Sam’s Club Reuters

I don’t necessarily like to say “I told you so,” but given that some turd anonymously flamed me for posting Dear Sam’s Club, I can’t resist.  So, Sam’s Club and anonymous flamer, take that!  It’s too bad that Costco is kicking your butt in the oh-so-critical warehouse club market, but I can’t help wonder:  How many jobs could you have saved if you hadn’t wasted so much time and money using bouncers who didn’t even know why they had to card people who, for the most part, belonged in the store anyhow?  The bouncer is only the most apparent example of waste to me, someone who visits Sams’ Club about once a month.  I’m sure from the inside, there are many more examples, some of which are richer than Mr./Mrs. Can I Please See Your Membership Card.

An economic research blog I also perused in regard to this news indicated that Wal-Mart is essentially reassigning their in-store promotions to another entity.  I guess in corporate terms, this is called “outsourcing” their “shopper events.”  It doesn’t matter to me what they call it since it doesn’t really get to the truth of what happened, which probably is that some administrative wonk failed to realize how much waste is inherent in basic Sam’s Club practices.  So now thousands of part-time workers, the least empowered members of the “Sam’s Club team,” as I’m sure they are called, get to find new jobs.

I’m not corporate, have never been corporate, and and am thankful on an almost daily basis that I remain mostly free of the entrapments that characterize Corporate America.  Otherwise, how would I deal with such assininity?


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February 13, 2010 at 11:42 pm

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