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A Christmas Poem

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This dates to 2008, a week or so before Christmas. The last time I touched it was the day after Christmas when I was flying to Los Angeles.

Goodbye, Mr. Claus by Jeff Burd

The lights I strung around
my balcony are covered in
snow. Each bulb glows,
radiating a soft white cushion
under the blanket that settled
atop it last night.

The lights resting upon the rail
are a landing strip, perhaps
guiding Santa to my house?

There was a similar arrangement under
Bahaman waters in a film I once saw;
it was Largo’s plan to land a
jet bomber and highjack the payload
of nuclear missiles to hold the world
for ransom.

Lucky we had 007 to thwart those
plans a half century ago.

Who do we have in this new millenium
to stop the spectres who have
stolen Christmas?


Written by seeker70

December 18, 2009 at 1:00 pm

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