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Cheating on my Girlfriend– Day 28

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Joe Girardi was banking on CC Sabathia being able to pitch effectively on 3 days rest going into Game 4 last night. It’s a significant gamble, especially since the Phillies have beaten Sabathia both times they faced him in the playoffs the past two years. They seem to have him figured out, at least as much as a horse like Sabathia can be figured out. They know to work him late into the count, be patient, make him prove his control.

It seems, though, that Girardi had the perfect countermeasure for what he knew the Phillies were going to do. He must have told his boys to be aggressive– Derek Jeter hit the 2nd pitch of the game for a single, and then Johnny Damon hit the fifth one to put Phillie in trouble before there was even one out. The objective was to get out to an early lead, which the Yankees did. They were up 2-0 before the Phillies even dug in. Getting out to the early lead would hopefully force the Phillies to press in their at-bats, to swing early and at bad pitches. All told in the first, Yankee batters faced 1 pitch twice, 2 pitches 3 times, and 3 pitches once.

This also points to how damn good the Yankees are– they can beat you by playing in any of a number of ways. I have to admire their flexibility.

Girardi’s approach worked. The Yankees never trailed, and were only tied for brief stretches during the top of the 5th and the 9th. They jumped all over Brad Lidge’s mistakes with 2 out in the top of the 9th, and that was the game. It’s not necessarily fair to say “Brad Lidge’s mistakes,” because it was actually Charlie Manual’s mistake to not pitch him at all thus far in the Series, until he needed him to hold a lead.


For about three seasons now, I’ve been paying attention to which players wear full socks, and which players wear their pants all the way down to their cleats. It piqued my curiousity at some point, though I can’t remember why. I’ve noticed that Alex Rodriguez in particular has been wearing full socks throughout the playoffs. It seems there are pros and cons in both directions. On one hand, wearing full socks at mid-calf or above can tip the pitcher off to the bottom of your strike zone, or at least get him close to it (the strike zone is from knees to shoulders, approximately). On the other hand, socks at or above mid-calf can keep your pants out of the way so they don’t get caught on a cleat or otherwise impede the motion of your foot as you run. I guess that would be important to speed guys like Juan Pierre. For some clarity on what the official league rule is regarding socks, I checked the rule book on I found no rules regarding socks.


Game 5 starts in 90 minutes. It’s not looking good for the Phillies. I think they can win tonight courtesy of Cliff Lee, but I doubt they can return to New York and win games 6 and 7.

Damn Yankees.


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November 2, 2009 at 10:53 pm

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