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Cheating on my Girlfriend– Day 13

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I’m not much interested in American League baseball, mainly because I don’t like how the AL pumps up the offense with the Designated Hitter. I’d rather see the National League’s warts-and-all approach. Besides, batting the pitchers and double switches are more interesting than the DH, and they make for better all-around ball. That being said, I had my eye on the ALCS last night, mainly because it was the only baseball on. I guess I’m rooting for the Angels since the most important thing now is that the Yankees lose.

I liked how the Angels played gritty ball all night, especially how they ground out some runs in the 5th. They got on base and advanced runners the old fashioned way: a double, a single, hit by pitch, a walk, and a wild pitch. More importantly, they played some stunning, acrobatic defense: 3 double-plays, including a rarely-seen 3-6-1 job in the 6th. I had to smile when I saw it. You can tell a team is committed to defense when they turn one of those. Too bad it wasn’t enough for them to escape with the win. Damn Yankees.


One benefit of focusing most of my attention on the NLCS is that I can avoid hearing Tim McCarver babble about the most banal points imaginable since he’s on Fox for the ALCS and the NLCS is on TBS. That doesn’t necessarily make me look forward to the World Series, but at least I can avoid him until then. McCarver is to MLB what Billy Packer was to the NCAA Final Four: an over-rated blowhard who loves the sound of his own voice. He has long overstayed his welcome, much as Packer did for the 15 or so years before he called it quits. Hopefully McCarver will take his cue from Packer and make this postseason his final tour.


I was dealing with my share of aches and pains 3 years ago today as I continued my hitting internship.

October 18th, 2006: I work for a half hour tonight on keeping my hands up. It feels like I do better with that when I point the knob at the ball. I will myself to get several dozen solid hits, but can’t seem to get a rhythm. I wonder how much the Hit-A-Way is helping me.

I have a Tic-Tac-shaped callous on my left index finger and an invisible bruise on my palm. Both hands protest when I slide them into my batting gloves.

Early this afternoon, just for yucks, I went back out to the park with my Big Stick and Hit-A-Way. It’s something I’ve been meaning to do for, well… for 3 years, ever since I wrapped up my story about learning to hit.

As I was warming up, I started to think about my right Achilles tendon, because I plant and push off my right foot when I’m swinging (click here to find out why I was worried about it). I should have been more concerned about my left shoulder and abs. They were achy and weak by the time I finally got my swing and step down and was making solid contact. I’m sure I’ll be sore tomorrow.

I forgot how awesome it feels to bash the ball with the Big Stick. The crunch of impact brought back some great memories. I walked back to my condo in the same spirits I had been in for so many days three years ago. There’s no doubt that the satisfying feel of inflicting blunt force trauma on the ball and the resultant adrenaline rush helped me manage the initial hurt and anger from the relationship that had ended just prior to me starting the story about hitting.

Not even the joys of hitting, though, were much help for my anger a month after the breakup when my ex-girlfriend phoned and asked me if I wanted to get together to see Flags of Our Fathers. She knew I was a huge WWII fan and that I would get to the theatre to see it as soon as I could. I seethed. Prior to the fateful Saturday evening when the relationship was terminated, I went through months of dealing with her reluctance to do much of anything, along with a steady stream of excuses to not get together or not stay overnight or to only spend a few hours together at a time. But there I was, finally getting the attention that was so important to the relationship, a month after I ended it. I still don’t understand why the final consequence had to expire before something changed.

I declined her invitation on the grounds that I had already made plans to see Flags of Our Fathers with my friend Edwin, and quickly ended the conversation before I exploded.

Edwin and I went to see the film two weeks later. It sucked.

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October 19, 2009 at 12:45 am

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