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Cheating on my Girlfriend– Day 10

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I’m no fan of how MLB is engineering the playoffs. There’s no reason to have 3 days off between the division series and the league championship series. Teams never have that kind of time off during the regular season. Each series could be heading into Game 2 tonight, instead one is kicking off and the other is sitting still. It’s obvious that MLB wants as many weekend games as possible. The ratings will be higher that way, which means more advertising revenue. The advertising revenue turns the gears of the league and perpetuates the vicious cycle of sky-high player salaries and expensive tickets.

Furthermore, if you want to watch the games, you don’t have much choice but to stay up late. Once the playoffs start, average game times escalate from just under 3 hours to almost 4 hours. So much for MLB’s mandate from a few years back to speed things up. If that’s not enough to frustrate fans, then the weather is. It’s obviously getting colder and thus more difficult to play baseball in cities like New York and Philadelphia. It seems now like it’s less about who can play the best baseball and more about who can stay hot or maintain focus over long stretches of inactivity. That sounds like a metaphor for my relationships.


I’ve done a lot of thinking about how I’ve managed the “cooling off” period of my three most recent relationships. Every relationship cools; it’s how you handle the cooling that will often determine how well the relationship will run. Each of my 3 most recent relationships cooled differently. The one that ended in 2006 as the Cardinals were marching to the World Series actually didn’t cool for a long time; I was as much into after 8 months as I was after 8 days. She started to withdraw, though, so the cooling was imposed upon me. The relationship after that, I screwed up. That was a little over a year ago, and I think the roles were reversed from 2006. We never talked about our relationship until I brought up that we never talked about it, which told me we were really just running parallel to each other instead of converging. But we could have talked about it; I wish we had. Last month, the cooling off period was the least of that relationship’s problems. There were Other Issues… family planning, financial difficulties, living conditions. It’s hard to say if or when the cooling off period would have occurred had those Other Issues not exacerbated things.

So I don’t feel I have much reason to be disappointed in myself. I’ve got one undeniable error on my scorecard; in the other two relationships, I was presented with circumstances I won’t tolerate. So I didn’t.


They’re saying that Carlos Ruiz is Philadelphia’s secret weapon. I can see why after the 3-run homer he pounded in the top of the 5th inning tonight. He turned on a high inside pitch and launched it into the left field stands. He didn’t even get the best wood he could on the ball; he hit it below the sweet spot and above the handle. Still, away it went.

If there was but one thing I learned 3 years ago, it was that it’s harder than hell to hit an inside pitch. You’ve got to get your hands across your chest real fast and hope that you can get the barrel of the bat on the ball as the ball is hurtling more at you than towards you. It’s almost like you’re using the bat to protect yourself, which makes it all the more awkward. Also, the ball looks a lot different coming at you straight on than it does coming in parallel to you.

I started to practice on the inside pitch about two weeks into my quest. By then, I felt I had worked out the fundamentals of my swing. I’m not sure if my efforts could be called anything better than clumsy, but it did teach me that being a 36 year old man with a paunchy upper body pretty much precludes me ever hitting an inside pitch effectively.

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October 16, 2009 at 1:57 am

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