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Hanging Around ep. 1

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Seems like old times.

I’m sitting at the Panera in Vernon Hills working on what I think will be my next story. “What I think will be” is crucial in this sense. I have to see if there is a story to be told, which means right now that I’m digging through a good deal of research. But that’s cool, because I love digging through a good deal of research as I’m writing. Because I’m sick like that.

I went to a presentation at my local public library last June. The idea that it was about D-Day piqued my interest since if there’s something I love as much as baseball and rum and cigars and zombie films, it’s World War II stuff. In fact, I’ve loved WWII stuff longer than I’ve loved that other stuff. I ended up leaving the presentation early because the “authority” doing the presentation wasn’t really an authority. But I was there long enough to hear him talk about John M. Steele, the paratrooper stuck hanging in his parachute from a church steeple in Ste. Mere-Eglise the morning of the Normandy invasion . Some of you have seen The Longest Day, so you know that episode is in the film. Steele is played by Red Buttons.

So I thought there might be a story to write about that. The current problem being that there may not be because Steele’s story has been written several times and, as mentioned, has been immortalized on celluloid for the past 45 years. But that hasn’t stopped me from researching, which I love to do anyhow. And I’m just cocky enough to think that I can find an angle that hasn’t been previously exploited. Besides, I had one of those writer moments two days ago when I was taking a shower and the beginning and end of the story suddenly popped into my mind. I wrote a first draft of both at school as my creative writing students were journaling. That tells me that I should be writing this story regardless of any angles I can find. Keep writing and the angle will appear.

You’ll pardon the terrible pun that is the title for this series of metacognitive journals, won’t you? “Terrible pun?” As if there is any other variety…

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September 19, 2009 at 5:51 pm

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