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Earl and Me episode 3

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I almost have enough at this point for a complete draft. It’s coming in right where I expected– about 12 pages. I finally got the one book I was looking for, Weaver on Strategy. Funny, I had requested it through Interlibrary Loan on June 4. No bites for two weeks. I called my local library to double-check; no good. Finally, I drove out to Fox Lake Wednesday evening and picked it up. Then, sure enough, the book arrived through ILL today. So the book has come in twice. Even though I’ve only had it for two days, it has been indispensible to my story. I was waiting for it so I could complete two of the three sections I need to finish. Now, I have one of those sections finished and the second one well underway.

I’m thankful that I’ve learned to write in unconnected chunks. That’s how this one has come together, with me pretty much writing whatever moved my spirit at whatever time. I knew a few of the sections I wanted to write before I began to write, but then I have let the content and research dictate the rest– whatever it felt like I needed to put in, that’s what I’ve put in. Then I’ve had to decide how to connect the sections. Some of the connections appear rather naturally; I’ve had to build the bridges between other sections. The problem with building those bridges, though, is that you want to build the shortest, strongest bridge possible. Sometimes it’s just a sentence. I’ve found that if I’m writing more than 3-4 sentences, I’m making a connection where one might not necessarily belong, like I’m making the sections fit together in a way that they don’t want to fit. That rings a false note, which in turn makes me reconsider what I’m writing. It’s complicated.

Of course, through the process of all this, I’ve become somewhat of an authority on Earl Weaver. That’s one of those fringe benefits of writing creative nonfiction with a literary journalism slant. The same thing happened when I wrote about Mensa last year. The same thing happened when I wrote about poverty for my thesis. Maybe I need to start writing about winning the lottery.

Elsewhere… I’ve come to realize that this piece is more than just a casual writing about a topic I find interesting. It is officially my first piece post-graduate, and I need to know if I can write effectively outside of the academic structure that I have relied on so heavily for the last four years. I need to know if I’m making interesting choices about topics, if I’m writing and rewriting at a level effective enough to get me published. I still have some friends that will look at this, and hopefully the writers group I’m involved with with help me take it a few more steps. Nonetheless, I will be without the professorial influence that has tinged pretty much all I’ve written since I started the writing program. So, the training wheels are off. I hope I don’t skin my knees.

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June 20, 2009 at 2:09 am

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